Ancient jade auction is getting better

A few days ago, the jade articles of the Neolithic period were held at the Ancient Chinese God Jade Exhibition. This is the first time that the Chinese Art Museum has exhibited the "Ancient Jade Objects" exhibition. The exhibition includes jade articles such as e ......Reading more

Cleverly dressed in black chiffon print super cool cool…

To say what summer clothing is the most essential, it must be chiffon dress. Light chiffon fabric, not only can bring fresh, so hot summer is not so hot, but also allows yourself to become more beautiful. What style of chiffon clothes to choose it? Aili Zhe with Ali black chiffon printing, super c ......Reading more

Coating dyeing

First, the characteristics of paint dyeing The paint dyeing process started late, but it has only been twenty years. However, the coating dyeing process is simple, and the coating has a complete chromatogram, a wide range of applications, and can be used to dye different fibers. It al ......Reading more

Father's Day is about to send my mother what gift

Some people say that Father's Day is going to prepare a table for Daddy, buy a new dress, and of course, they love to drink a cup of wine. Hardworking fathers, we naturally have a good performance on Father's Day. However, do not forget to bring a piece to my mom when my father bought a ne ......Reading more

Casual shorts "exposed legs" proper way, you …

Who said "bare legs" is a woman's patent? Season popular casual shorts with the boys in the hot summer has a section of a model, simple to wear the same cool flavor full. Slim cut pants, white is an essential color of the season, easily be able to match with a clean and refreshing big ......Reading more

Hot summer hipster - Saslax showcases your lovers fashi…

Hot summer, attending a friend's party or wedding, will invite your partner to attend, in such occasions, the couple's dress is the most appropriate. But for lovers, may not necessarily just two styles, the size of the clothes. High section of the couple, know how to wear with the tacit und ......Reading more

Donoratico Dayi Rock Zhejiang Jiaxing Wanda Art Experie…

Unique clothing design style, quality retro shop decoration received unanimous praise. The searchlights, the steering wheel of the old ships, the British suitcases, the old model tailors of the era of tailors, and the retro fashioned British fashion style have unique style spaces and experience an ......Reading more