American clothing must be marked in English with fiber …

A few days ago, a batch of garments was returned due to lack of fiber content and did not meet the relevant requirements of the US “Textile Fiber Product Identification Law.” This was the first time that Jiangyin exports textile and apparel products had been returned due to unq ......Reading more

Characteristics of silk scarves

Guide: Silk is the lightest, softest and finest natural fiber in nature. It can be easily restored to its original state after the external force is removed. The inner tube does not cake, it is not boring, it does not shrink, it is even and soft, and it can be used forever. The silk quilt is ma ......Reading more

Spring 2012 Home Textile Industry Cluster Research Repo…

From February 12th to 17th, under the leadership of the China Textile Industry Federation, the China National Spinners' Association led Yangxuqiao Town, Shaoxing County, Zhejiang Province (China's curtain window screen town) and Xucun Town, Haining City, Zhejiang Province (China ......Reading more

Fashion hem pants add elegance in spring and summer

Ben Wang April 20 hearing, rolled pants with high heels, such a match as early as Britney Spears had already appeared before, and later popular in South Korea, handsome curling pants and another wave caused. Let's take a look at the curling pants on the streets of South Korea. The apricot pin ......Reading more

China's industrial textile industry regulations

Chapter I General Provisions Article 1 Industrial textiles are textiles that have been specifically designed and have specific functions and are used in industries such as industry, medical and health, environmental protection, geotechnical and construction, transportation, aerospace, new ......Reading more

O'Connell footwear president revealed plans to open…

Aokang footwear from the application in September last year, passed, but dragged for six months before the market. Aokang Shoes today formal purchase. Aokang footwear chairman and president yesterday, said Wang Zhentao, O'Connell Shoe plans to market in the next five years the development of th ......Reading more

Chennai children's brand of fashion for the city…

Spring breeze Yingying mind, quiet listening to the voice of the soul, the sky in April Yunfang Fei Fang's story. Stroll in the years of the shore, enjoy a wandering romance, blue sky and warm April day, with the mood and poetic in life's picture depicts life meaningful and distant. And wa ......Reading more