Latin American brand added a new member Shandong Rongch…

According to the survey, the Chinese underwear market is still growing at an annual rate of nearly 20%, indicating that the underwear market has great potential for development, and many entrepreneurs have also turned their attention to underwear industry. Latin American children underwear brand a ......Reading more

10 big gossip stories of silver

1. The chemical symbol Ag of silver is derived from the Latin silver Argentum. Is the word familiar? That's right, it's Argentina! Argentina's name comes from the Spanish colonial's beautiful imagination of the New World - the Rio de Janeiro (Riodela Plata) ......Reading more

Benetton Benetton 2014 Winter Kids New Picture Book

Benetton was founded in Italy in 1965. It started with the production of hand-knit pullovers. It mainly targeted at the mass consumers, especially young people and children. The Italian casual brand Benetton was introduced. People always feel a lively and vibrant. The vitality. It is adept at catch ......Reading more

bread n butter winter dress fashion must-haves

The trend of women's brand bread n butter was born in Paris, France, stores around the world. Its simple version coupled with unique and ingenious detail embellishment has become the brand's unique style, by young women's favorite. Now in-depth expansion of Asian markets, including mai ......Reading more

Four methods of hollow pairing

The problem of paired patch in hollow tempered glass factory is a headache problem in each factory. After years of in-depth enterprise research, Guiyou Software Company summarized the experience as follows: First, optimize the cutting software pairing in Guiyou: In Guiyou c ......Reading more

Hanger Women's Zhejiang Shaoxing Yintai Store Doubl…

Light luxury brands [hanger women's] officially settled in Shaoxing Yintai City Department Store in December. The opening of the new store will be more courtesy (please visit each store for details). Shaoxing Yintai City Department Store: Shaoxing Intime Department Store Area Second Floor, Hal ......Reading more