Clothing company brand road upward difficult road

“Our clothes are 100% brand-named and it's difficult to create a brand.” Said a number of clothing companies that participated in the 110th Canton Fair to tell reporters about brand building. At present, domestic companies have their own brands, and the lack of brands has c ......Reading more

Buy fabric sofa with doorway

When you purchase household appliances and electronic products, you need to check the goods. This is something that everyone generally understands. However, fabric sofas need to be checked at the right time. This is often overlooked by consumers. The filling material is easily overlooked. ......Reading more

Ethiopia Textiles Export Revenues $27.2 Million USD

The Ethiopian Textile Industry Development Authority announced that in the first quarter of the current fiscal year, export revenue from textiles reached $27.2 million. This figure is 87% higher than the target set in the first quarter of the current fiscal year and is $18.60 million high ......Reading more

Diamonds rise faster than white diamonds

Beginning in September, Sotheby's and Christie's fall jewelry auctions came to the fore and colored diamonds became the subject of much sought after by everyone. However, in the Guangzhou market, the pricing mechanism for colored diamonds is not mature, and only when the collector ......Reading more

Hand-knitted combination of ancient and modern

The ancient weaving art, along with the long course of human life, has gone from ancient times to modern times. In China, weaving is referred to as "the sky and the weft," and often uses an abstract long knot to symbolize "everlasting days" and carries people's thir ......Reading more

Bangladesh government plans to increase the subsidy rat…

In recent months, the fluctuation of international cotton prices and the weak demand in Europe and the United States have brought a severe blow to the textile industry in Bangladesh, which has led to a downward trend in sales. In order to alleviate this situation, Bangladeshi Finance Minis ......Reading more

Unstoppable luxury prices and sales

According to the New York Times, although the current economic downturn, the public are tightening expenditures, but the surplus family has once again ignited the enthusiasm for luxury goods. Today's luxury goods industry seems to have swept away the downturn in the financial crisis an ......Reading more