Carven celebrates its entry into the Chinese market

For Carven, there are two main factors in entering the Chinese market. They are the changes in the tastes of real estate and consumers. In September, Carven opened its first brand flagship store in China. The first flagship store opened is located in Beijing and Shanghai. The Beijing flags ......Reading more

Four major costs constitute a diamond ring to buy

First of all, the value of the ring is mainly composed of four costs, namely: setting, processing fee, diamond, and certificate cost. Setting: The setting needs to look at the material. Generally, PT950 is commonly known as Platinum, and some will use gold. The price of d ......Reading more

Water grass agate love story

According to legend, in the spring of the thirty-fourth year of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty, Baozhuyingzi of Fuxin Mongolian Autonomous County had a young woman named Yumei, beautiful, kind, intelligent and hardworking. After she married her husband Tian Long, the ......Reading more

Jadeite prices skyrocketed

Recently, a reporter survey found that some jadeite counters in Guangzhou, some of the seemingly inconspicuous jade jewelry, still have tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars after the discount, and many people have to lose. . Not only do consumers fail to understand, e ......Reading more

Blue product technology home textiles: good bedding sho…

In life, we will find that most people's shopping inducement lies in the first impression, and this so-called first impression is the most direct feeling brought by the appearance of the product. In different levels of gender and consumption, women and young people are often more susceptibl ......Reading more

Three steps to calculate the diamond price

How to calculate the price of diamonds? If you want to pick a diamond, the first question you pay attention to is definitely the price of the diamond. Unlike other gems, only diamonds are clearly defined internationally, and international diamond quotes are updated once a ......Reading more

With the real hair, beautiful autumn and winter, Korean…

It takes too long to leave the same haircut, and even if you look good, it will produce aesthetic fatigue. But going to the barber shop is too troublesome, what should I do? Then start with a few fashion wigs and let your good-looking hairstyle change. What are you waiting for? Come and see the lat ......Reading more