Diamonds rise faster than white diamonds

Beginning in September, Sotheby's and Christie's fall jewelry auctions came to the fore and colored diamonds became the subject of much sought after by everyone.

However, in the Guangzhou market, the pricing mechanism for colored diamonds is not mature, and only when the collectors carefully screened, can they find the valuable goods that can be resided.

The reporter found that the pricing of color diamonds on the Guangzhou market is far from the same. A 1-carat yellow diamond sold by a jewellery merchant near Tianhe City had a bid price of 180,000 yuan, and a jeweler near the Yuexiu Fair was also 1 carat. The weight of the yellow diamond, the cut is EX, the clarity is VS level, the price is only 80,000 yuan. What's more, the eye-shaped 1-carat yellow diamonds sold on the Internet are priced at only 23,000 yuan.

Zhang Shibai, who is attached to Jin Dian, said: There has not been an internationally-accepted pricing system for color diamonds, and there is a lack of uniform reference values. After emerging jewelry products have been introduced to China, the prices have been determined by businesses.

Diamonds rise faster than white diamonds. How much do yellow diamonds sell? Mr. Liang Dipeng of the Guangdong Province Gold and Silver Jewelry Trade Association explained that, referring to the international market prices from 2010 to 2011, compared with white diamonds, the same weight and fine yellow diamond prices are generally 1/4 to 1/2 higher; The price of a diamond is usually two times higher than that of a white diamond of the same grade.

According to the price of white diamonds, the price of buying diamonds will not be too ridiculous. After 2011, influenced by the fashion trends, the price of colored diamonds rose faster than that of white diamonds, and the price difference has expanded.

In addition, the greater the weight of a diamond, the greater the price difference between several colors. For example, the price of a 1 carat white diamond is generally 100,000 yuan, the price of a 1 carat yellow diamond is as high as 140,000 yuan, and the price of a 1 carat pink diamond is between 170,000 and 200,000 yuan. However, if it is enlarged to 2 carats, the price of white diamonds may be only 200,000 yuan, the price of yellow diamonds may reach 350,000 yuan, and the price of pink diamonds may be close to 500,000 yuan.

Shaped cut diamond "can not hide"

Judging from the jewelry auction market since September last year, colored diamonds of 1 to 2 carats, medium weight, and shaped cuts (non-round cuts) are most sought after by the market, which is about 50% higher than at the beginning of 2009.

However, this kind of diamond is “not to be hidden” because it is often shaped to mask or avoid blemishes on diamonds.

More than 0.2 carats of black diamonds are mostly dyeing products. For ordinary collectors, try not to purchase blue diamond jewelry. Natural blue diamonds are rare and do not flow into the jewelry market in the Mainland. The blue diamonds on the market are mostly optimized for processing. After dyeing at high temperature, some blue diamonds are counterfeits of inferior sapphire. Sapphire is usually dark blue, blue diamonds are generally light blue.

In addition, both yellow diamonds and pink diamonds are priced at at least a quarter higher on the international market than white diamonds of the same level. If you encounter colored diamonds with similar or even lower prices than white diamonds of the same level, Should question its authenticity. As for the black diamonds, the products appearing on the mainland market weigh more than 0.2 carats. If we encounter this black diamond with more than the weight and the price is still cheaper than the equivalent white diamond, we can basically conclude that it is a dyeing product.

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