Buy fabric sofa with doorway

Buy fabric sofa with doorway When you purchase household appliances and electronic products, you need to check the goods. This is something that everyone generally understands. However, fabric sofas need to be checked at the right time. This is often overlooked by consumers.

The filling material is easily overlooked. With the family life becoming more and more fashionable and simple, the fabric sofa has become a popular consumer product for home furnishings because of its reasonable price and novel style. However, a wide variety of fabric sofas not only provide diversified choices, but also provide opportunities for merchants. Consumers should not only map their watches when they are shopping. The fillers inside the sofa not only determine the reasonableness of the price, but also determine the comfort of future use.

It is understood that the sponge is the most common filler material in fabric sofas and belongs to artificial synthetic materials. Its sense of sitting can be adjusted by adjusting the density of the sponge, but its permeability is weak and it may feel more boring during summer use. In contrast, the high-quality sponge sedentary is not easily deformed and emits no odor.

Some unscrupulous merchants may replace the whole sponge with a spongy sponge, and then paste two whole sponges on the surface to deceive consumers. Industry insiders reminded us that this must be meticulous in inspections to prevent fraud. Secondly, formal sofas will come with product manuals accompanying the product, which clearly states the product materials, usage methods, and maintenance methods. They must be read carefully when purchased.

The selection of fabrics for each fabric selection is also guided. At present, the fabric used as a sofa cover generally uses cotton, linen and fleece.

According to reports, consumers can choose by touching, watching, and smelling when they choose. At first touch, the texture is delicate and soft, and the thickness is excellent. Secondly, the pattern should be three-dimensional and natural, and the color and luster should be even and soft. The three smells, burning the threads of the fabric with a lighter, and turning into ash without burning smell, proves that the quality is good.

Cotton is the most widely used type in the market. The advantage of the natural ingredients of the flax is that it is cool in winter and cool in summer, but due to the high shrinkage of the flax, it should be pre-shrinking when it is bought. The fabric of flannel fabrics has good gloss, comfortable feel, and satin fineness, but the price is high.

(Source: China Manufacturing Network)

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