Loss of apparel textiles will face compulsory inspection

From January 1, 2012, more garments and textiles imported into Taiwan will face compulsory inspection. According to the mandatory textile inspection system implemented in Taiwan this year, after mandatory testing of baby textile products and their accessories on June 1, 2011, more clothing textiles will be subject to compulsory inspection on January 1, 2012. The mandatory inspection of textiles has expanded to textiles that may be in direct contact with the skin such as clothing, underwear, sleeveless pullovers, swimwear, towels, and bedding.

With the gradual implementation of compulsory inspection systems for apparel textiles in Taiwan, more textiles imported to Taiwan will face more stringent technical requirements, and the technical threshold for textiles imported to Taiwan will be greatly improved.

The formal implementation of the ECFA agreement has promoted the rapid development of cross-strait economic and trade development, and has also brought more development opportunities and choices to textile and garment exporters that have repeatedly been blocked by European and American markets. The inspection and quarantine department recommended that relevant companies: pay close attention to the possible impact of the gradual implementation of the textile compulsory inspection system in Taiwan on the textile products imported from Taiwan, and do a good job of product self-inspection as soon as possible based on the technical requirements of the target market, and actively improve the production process and use of environmental protection. Raw materials and other methods ensure product quality and safety.

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