X-LARGE children's clothing line fashion mix and match the street style

X-LARGE children's clothing line has the brand's consistent American street style, and the variety of items is also very rich. Bright colors and the street style of mix and match are indeed the best choice, which is highly recommended. X-LARGE Children's Wear X-LARGE Children's Wear X-Large is an 18-year-old tide brand in the United States that has become another unique multi-purpose apparel based on a combination of young pop culture such as skateboarding, rave and hip-hop famous. X-Large brand meanings: X-Large has two meanings, that is, "GenerationX" new era and "LivingLarge" new dress life attitude; the same time also symbolizes the unique oversized X-Large oversized denim jeans series. X-LARGE Children's Wear X-LARGE Children's Wear X-Large is a brand of shops and street wear from Los Angeles in the United States. Its tide brand has 18 years of history in the United States. Its brand name contains "Generation X" and "Living Large" two meanings. In 1991 Adam Silverman and Eli Bonerz (two graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design) in the investment of a friend Mike Diamond (Beastie November Boy), opened in Los Angeles, a street fashion boutiques Vermont Avenue, named For X-Large, X-Large Orangutan for LOGO is because one of the founders of Eli Bonerz enjoyed a fond of BEN DAVIS products, so invite friends to design a BEN DAVIS based LOGO for their own brand. Now X-Large Orangutan Logo was born.

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