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From autumn of 2012 to autumn of 2013, Japanese wool fabrics will usher in three consecutive hotspots, and autumn and winter wool coats will lead the trend again. The use of color and quality of clothing has become the focus of corporate design. Thick and lightweight fabric products will be on the market in large quantities, including large curves and elegant literary style winter clothes will be popular.

Wool Fabrics Three Heats During the autumn and winter 2012-2013 business warfare, wool material capes and sailors were favored. Most sellers stated that wool fabrics in autumn and winter season will continue to be popular in the Japanese market. At present, the orders for wool fabrics winter clothing continue to increase.

Since autumn and winter are seasons of using high-priced wool raw materials, it is important to control and reduce the cost of fabrics. Taking into account the high cost of wool, China Chuan Maozhi Company uses composite materials to achieve cost reduction.

The warm color drive and cold colors have also become the focus of designers' innovation. From autumn to winter of 2012 to 2013, there has been further breakthrough in the use of winter colors from youthful outfits to mature outfits. The decision-making department in Osaka said that the color will be more diversified next year, and the warm colors that are not commonly used in winter will become the mainstream. In the early days of its establishment, the department achieved a good performance of 100,000 pieces of youth women's brand coat garments (retail price from 20,000 to 30,000 per item). In the fall and winter of the next season, in addition to the addition of diversified colors according to customer requirements, the department will also give full play to the advantages of fabrics wholesale and use post-dye products to attract customers, thus doubling sales. A few days ago, the basic color costumes produced in Osaka were delivered and other colors were soon to be dyed. Since it is necessary to improve the quality under the premise of keeping the price unchanged, the sewing processing work will be carried out in advance from April to June 2012.

The hottest colors in the next season are camel, red, orange, and the base color black is left out. It is expected that the soft gray color of the grayish ash in Nagoya will increase. Many companies also use color processing technology to enhance the fabric's fashion sense and dreaminess. Kyoto apparel fabric companies have increased the diversity of fabrics using techniques such as jacquard and dyeing, and creative yarns.

In the fall and winter of next year, the large-scale fantasies of the arts and arts, while emphasizing color, have also become the focus of corporate pursuit. The Milton-style jackets, which maintain the natural texture of the fabric, will be available in a large number of styles. Taizhou's large-scale textile manufacturers said that at the next autumn and winter clothing show, they will change the status of the traditional Melton or flannel, and customers need a new perspective, so the company has prepared 30 kinds of colored models of Angola. Cashmere tops.

At present, literary style, large curves and fluffy, soft, lightweight fabrics will sweep the coat fabric market from 2012 to 2013. Toray's ultra-coarse nylon compound wool artificial wool product - a new fabric made from wool, combines a sense of volume and lightness. Polyester composite fabrics that are well received in Europe have also been made into a variety of woolen products. The product can use the stretching properties of the wool to create a bumpy texture on the surface of the fabric.

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