Hong Kong experience underwear bring mysterious and beautiful language

There is a force to carry the dream, the mysterious lines followed by thousands of emotions, whether to understand the ancient beautiful language, experience underwear totem tribal geometric printing and fine patterns with a combination of design, reflecting the power of nature and Delicate artificial luxury brings a new visual impact.


Hong Kong Experience International Fashion Co., Ltd. is a professional R & D, production and management of fashion underwear large-scale fashion apparel business. Rely on Hong Kong Investment Group's strong financial background, committed to the Chinese regional brand marketing. The production bases in China are located in the beautiful Jiaodong Peninsula - Shandong Weifang and China's underwear production base - Guangdong Nanhai. Weifang which has 36,900 square meters production base of large modern "Experience" Industrial Park. Since entering mainland China in 1997, the company has been adhering to the "international brand as its mission" concept. Under the 'experience' underwear and ' You Xianmei ' home service has passed ISO9001-2000 version of the international quality system certification.


In recent years, the company accurately grasp the international fashion underwear, control the essence of the trend of underwear. Carrying the potential of the brand, conquer the city, has become the main force in China's underwear industry, an underwear fashion founder and disseminator. Twice a year, the product launches are based on the research and development of underwear trends every season. After the forecast, the company assimilates the essence of international fashion, integrates the connotation of Chinese culture, better integrates Chinese culture elements with modern underwear fashion, new brand concept of fashion brand A kind of interpretation.

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