Achievement Minghao brilliant - Minghao costumes autumn and winter 2012 new conference held ceremoniously

February 18, 2012, this day on the Guangdong Minghao costumes, is a fashion rolling and passion gathering day. On this day, two famous high-end men's fashion brands - "Ancient Sharks" and "YANPENG" held by Guangzhou Minghao Garment Co., Ltd. held the grand prix of "Achievements of Minghao Brilliant • New and Fall 2012 New Products and Orders" New trend of men's clothing. Tree hundred years a brand a hundred strong business Autumn and winter 2012 new conference and order will be the Guangdong Minghao costumes for the first time in 2012 the country, large-scale grand meeting. The meeting, Guangdong Minghao apparel brand agents, franchisees, suppliers, customers from all over the country, nearly 1,000 people gathered in the forefront of international fashion alongside the bustling city - Guangzhou. At the meeting, Mr. Wang Zhifeng, chairman of Guangdong Minghao Garments Co., Ltd. delivered an important speech; Mr. Chen Xing, general manager, made a wonderful speech. Celebrities all around the world, fashion around the Guangdong Minghao clothing brand's good development, gathered together to enjoy the Guangdong Minghao clothing brand men's classic, elegant; together Ding Ding Guangdong Minghao apparel brand's grand cause! Mr. Wang Zhifeng, chairman of Guangdong Minghao Garments Co., Ltd., made an important speech at the meeting. He dared to innovate and developed rapidly for 13 years. He worked hand in hand with his partners over the 13 years. Guangdong Minghao clothing brand with its unique design and excellent quality by more and more modern men's favorite and sought after. The brand itself has the comprehensive advantages of strong market competitiveness both in overall positioning, channel construction, brand image, product research and development, production, corporate financial strength and brand reputation. With the continuous growth of China's economy, Guangdong Minghao clothing brand has entered a new period of development. The "autumn and winter 2012 new conference and ordering", Guangdong Minghao Garments Co., Ltd. General Manager Mr. Chen Xing Guangdong Minghao costumes in the next three years, strategic planning for the development and operation of the brand as a whole, full of wisdom and forward Sexual direction, the goal clearly pointed out that Guangdong Ming Ho apparel brand in the next two years will work together with the country's strategic partners, and customers across the country work together to achieve sales leaps and bounds to enhance. Under the guidance of this guiding ideology, Guangdong Minghao costumes all my colleagues will work together to achieve the goal of "10 billion garment enterprises" ...... Mr. Chen Xing, general manager of Guangdong Minghao Garments Co., Ltd., made a wonderful speech at the meeting. Fashion leading this event, Guangdong Minghao costumes break through the previous new release mode to lecture-style conference, a clear Guangdong Minghao costumes autumn and winter 2012 product features, selling all the show in front of every customer at the scene. At the same time, at the ordering site equipped with dozens of standard-type professional male models, for all customers on-site fitting. Allow customers to see more intuitively, felt the design of Ming Hao costumes rationality and uniqueness. Guangdong Minghao Garments Co., Ltd signs a long-term strategic cooperation with China Education & Investment Group Co., Ltd. Guangdong Minghao Garments In autumn and winter men's wear in France and Italy, the concept of fashion is pushed forward by the concept of "fashion city, business classics and vacation leisure" More than 10 series, thousands of models of clothing. Through this, we can see Guangdong Minghao clothing's two attractive fashion high-end men's brand is taking off!

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