More than 20 clothing brand companies participate in the "Quality Classroom"

Recently, Shanghai Jing'an District Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau and Jing'an District Business Federation jointly organized a quality brand for apparel branding. Experts from the Shanghai Institute of Fiber Inspection were invited to give lectures, which were comprehensively analyzed from the perspectives of companies, consumers, and government regulators to help enterprises. Familiar with the domestic market environment, laws and regulations and policy standards to better enhance the brand image.

More than 30 key persons in charge and quality supervisors of a group of representative international brands such as ZARA, Martha, H&M and others in Jing'an District of Shanghai participated in this class.

Prior to this, the AQSIQ informed that the safety and composition indicators of imported garments were unacceptable, and that the color fastness, the signs of ingredients were inconsistent, and the pH value exceeded the standard and became a “stricken area”. In addition, excessive levels of formaldehyde and banned azo dyes are often found. The origin of substandard products mainly came from Spain, Italy, Turkey, South Korea, India, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Portugal, the United States, and Japan. Imported clothing has been incorporated into mandatory supervision since last year. The AQSIQ reminds consumers to look for molds, fishy smells, aromas, or odors when purchasing imported clothes. Excluding offensive odors indicates that there are excessive amounts of residual chemical reagents.

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