Talking about the Seven Factors Affecting the Conversion Rate of B2C Websites

[China Glass Network] Is it because your B2C website has received a lot of traffic and still no one is consulting unattended products? So what is the reason for the website's conversion rate is so low? Then Chen Kai will list seven questions affecting the conversion rate of B2C websites by asking questions. I hope you can use these to see if your website has these problems.

Going forward, is it difficult for your customers?

When a visitor comes to your website, if your website is showing slowly, then you are challenging the patience of the visitor. Even if your webpage is very beautiful, I believe many people are very helpless to go to the little red cross. Because there are too many resources on the Internet, since your website is showing very slowly, during the waiting period, visitors are estimated to be able to search for another similar website. Why should visitors wait for it?

What do you do when a customer wants to find a certain type of product on your website, do you provide an on-site search on your website? When a customer browses to your website with an error message, what would the customer think, is this website reliable? This will only hurt the loyalty of visitors to the site.

Therefore, we must consider the customer, provide convenience for the customer, provide good information for the customer, please do not embarrass your customer.

Second, is the design of the website reasonable?

Is your website homepage a variety of things? This will only make it impossible for customers to capture important information, and it will also create a depressing mood for the customer, so you need to simplify your homepage and present important information. It is important that your website style is mainstream, so don't give visitors a sense of disprofessionality. The structure of your website is clear, don't let visitors get lost in your website, but effectively guide visitors to get the product information we provide.

Third, is the text clearly stated?

For very important information, it is necessary to give the visitor a repetitive expression instead of repeating the text. For less important information, it must be simplified so that the client can neither feel the embarrassment nor remember the information you want to convey. It is necessary to have clear and prescriptive texts, such as not to vaguely say “click here for six folds”, but to clearly say “enter the women’s 60% off area”, so that clear and prescriptive text can not only be very Good guidance to customers and can also stimulate the potential needs of customers. In order to answer the visitor's message, it is necessary to give a clear and clear answer in time so that it can help the visitor, but also catch the customer with a clear purchase intention.

Fourth, does the customer trust your website?

We must dare to give promises to our customers, such as Jingdong Mall (Jingdong Mall, 7-day warranty for nationwide warranty, authentic licensed goods, fast delivery), dare to promise to gain the trust of customers, if there is no commitment, then the customer will What do you think? For the customer's consultation, do you have a timely and detailed answer, and do a purposeful guidance, so that the customer will feel that you are facing him. Whether the official email and phone number of your website gives customers a very formal and professional feeling, such as 400 calls, corporate emails, etc. Does your product page have an evaluation? If there is no evaluation, many people do not want to take this risk. Is there any evaluation that gives people the feeling that it is objective and true? Is the evaluation's praise far greater than the bad review? Is there a guarantee for your after-sales guarantee? These are all important.

Fifth, is the design of the landing page reasonable?

Be sure to design one or more good landing pages when you're doing some kind of promotion, and what should a good landing page pay attention to? First of all, the landing page must show that the products you promote should not only be tempting but also stimulate the customer's senses. The message to the customer is that the advertisement and the product are consistent, not that you promote a product and yours The landing page is directly on the front page, and the customer has to go slowly to find the product, so that you are not trying to make your customers? Secondly, don't put any irrelevant links on the landing page. If you put a link to Baidu, are you not driving away your customers? In addition, the landing page should have guidance information about related products or complementary products. Even if the customer purchases this product, he may buy complementary products. For example, if you buy a badminton racket, you may continue to buy badminton.

Sixth, is the product page really reasonable?

Whether the layout of the product is reasonable, don't look too messy and not too much. If too much is too messy, it will only distract the customer's energy and only weaken the appeal of the product to the customer. Whether the product image is clear, and strive to show customers 360° full-scale high-definition stereoscopic images, so that customers can see the products in all directions. Whether you have made fuzzy pricing for the price of the product, you must show the customer the objective and market advantages of your pricing, such as "market price: 1000, limited time discount price: 800, or a price: 800". For the description of the product, don't just make a statement about the product, but tell the customer what value you will get when you buy the product, not just the material value but also the emotional value.

Seventh, the shopping cart is a hurdle.

For the design of the shopping cart, the user must not be confused. It must be simple and easy to operate, and it can also let the customer see what is in his shopping cart. Just like shopping in the supermarket, he pushes the shopping cart and goes forward. It allows customers to clearly understand what they have purchased or what they are missing. For payment options, you must provide a variety of payment methods, including online banking and Alipay or credit cards. For customers who have completed the payment, they must provide relevant products to the customer or some tips at the end of the completion of the payment, so as to encourage the customer to repeat consumption.

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