Adidas SLVR 2012-13 Fall Winter Collection

What Adidas SLVR brings us is a brand new image of “Simple Perfection”. It presents us with consistency, contemporaryness, inclusiveness, loyalty, and strive to surpass and discover unique technological methods. There is also a strong sense of eternal film architecture that it brings to us, without sacrificing the sense of flair. The continuation of Dirk Schönberger, the creative director of adidas sporting style, combines the unique high-end fashion perspectives of sporty style and exquisite tailoring.
The dramatic conflicts formed by the static and dynamic moments in the picture show the core of SLVR's 2012-13 fall/winter collection, "the perfect combination of sophisticated tailoring and sportswear." The movie converts ideas into dynamic images that portray the unique tonalities of SLVR. Designed for a continuous life, adidas SLVR continues to do its best. In July 2012, this highly creative commercial will eventually be released in the form of still images and short films, along with the global brand new official website design.

Adidas SLVR 2012-13 Fall Winter Collection

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