Warmly celebrate the "Vaishaya" fashion apparel for the 2012 annual tour of the world's Miss Guangdong designated products

Warmly celebrate the " Vaishaya " fashion apparel for the 2012 annual tour of the world's Miss Guangdong designated products ! Hong Kong Weili Si Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in knitted, woven production-based casual wear enterprises, has long been committed to product development and sales, in 1999, Hong Kong Wylis Enterprises Ltd. affiliated enterprises in Guangzhou City Weili Si Clothing Co., Ltd was established in Guangzhou, Guangzhou, under the brand of "Weishaniya Wei Shan Niya, Wei Lisi Dan" two major brands, the company currently has embroidery factory, dyeing factory area of ​​3,000 square meters of standard plant, high Nearly 1,000 sets of performance equipment, nearly 1,000 employees, the development has become the apparel research and development, production and sales through-train service.


brand introduction

Since the Chinese apparel industry in 2007 put forward the concept of home service, in 2008, Guangzhou City, Hollys Garments Co., Ltd. has pushed "weishaniya Vishangeria" new brand, the product developed by the research and development at home leisure, that is, "home service with leisure A combination of clothing produced a new apparel, which combines the advantages of home wear and casual wear, but different, it has more wear than the home wear and aging occasions, casual wear more casual than the traditional, dynamic, tendentious The warmth of the home culture, its warm and comfortable, simple fashion lifestyle will become the new darling of the market, "Weishaniya Wei Sha Nia" fashion home casual wear, its products rich, fashionable and exquisite workmanship.


Business philosophy

Brand sharing excellence for win-win cooperation

Product style Weishaniya (Visalia) style of products to health, comfort, simple, stylish elements of the main fashion home leisure series of clothing for the 7 --- 45-year-old favorite fashion men and women dressed in fashion and design.


Price positioning

Close to the needs of the mass consumer market, the main line positioning in the mid-range consumer, price positioning: Spring and summer: 68-668 yuan, 88-668 yuan fall and winter clothes.

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