Inner Mongolia cotton "free-knocking technology" has achieved initial success

This year, Inner Mongolia and Buksay County Agricultural Technology Station introduced the new technology of free-top-up cotton and conducted trials and demonstrations. So far, the cotton “free-top” technology test has achieved initial success.

Based on the field effect, both chemical topping and artificial topping control the unlimited growth of cotton growing points. The chemical topping prevents the blades from becoming larger after the artificial topping, and solved the drawbacks of the comprehensive light transmittance of the cotton. After chemical topping, the leaves are delicate and the control of leaf buds is better, which can effectively change the ventilation and light transmission in the middle and later periods.

The use of fluoramino-ammoniae spraying technology for cotton without topping is a phytostatic agent for phytoflurane. It mainly controls the cell sorting of the young part of cotton and inhibits cell elongation, so that the top of cotton is automatically capped. The leaves of the top leaves were lobulated, and the group tips were also well controlled, which effectively improved the space ventilation and light transmission conditions of cotton and enabled effective nutrient conversion to reproductive growth.

The chemical topping not only reduced the labor intensity, solved the scratching and falling off of the leaf bell caused by artificial topping, shortened the time for topping, but also increased the production in a large area. If the topping-free technique test can be successfully promoted, it will have a significant effect on the production management of cotton in the middle and later stages.

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