Polyester prices continue to pull up yarns and cotton continues to consolidate

Polyester market: Polyester spinning plants go through inventory in more than 20 days. Polyester POY and FDY product inventories are at a relatively low level. Some varieties are under tight supply, and most of polyester spinning plants are in micro production. Profits and weaknesses are struggling on the line. With the help of cost boosting and declining of their own inventories, the prices of polyester filament continue to increase. The market opened on Monday with a concussion upward compensating trend. For example, Shengze has been spinning large manufacturers FDY rose 100-200 yuan / ton, DTY general increase of 100 yuan / ton. The fundamentals of PTA** were weaker on Tuesday, and the polyester yarn market conditions were temporarily stable. The polyester filament trading atmosphere was more tepid. Under the effect of the 24th POY meeting, there was still a small-scale increase in the opening force on Wednesday. For example, half-light POYs in Tongxiang, Taicang and Ningbo all increased by 50-100 yuan/tonne, and there were individual FDY products in Shaoxing Evergrande. There is also a slight increase in prices. Polyesters opened on Thursday In addition to the textile mills in Shengze and Jiaxing, the vast majority of factory prices remained unchanged. Due to the shortage of inventory at the polyester factory and the tight supply of some specifications, prices rose on Friday. Shengze has been the largest manufacturer of FDY fabrics, rising 100-400 yuan/T. Some of DTY's best-selling products have risen. Dachang's offer also rose 100-200 yuan/ton. The good trading atmosphere of polyester filaments continued. Polyester yarn prices continued to show up in the two-day-a-day two-day period.

From the perspective of the market variety, the DTY network wire market 75D/72F, 144F and 100D/144F sales picked up slightly; due to the increase of downstream DTY black wire content, among them, 75D bias was recently tight supply sources. FDY fine denier 63D weaving plant took risks to increase the production of polyester taffeta series, the market purchase rate is on the upward trend, individual foreign spinning manufacturers FDY63D/24F prices are also 200-300 yuan / T uplift; chemical fiber plant Production and sales rate also rose, 63D Polyester ex-factory prices have been raised, the current price reached 12,100 yuan / T; FDY50D, 54D, 75D market volume has increased, for example, FDY54D/24F prices from Monday's 11700-11800 yuan / T synchronization increase To 12200-12300 yuan / T. As the demand for tents skyrocketed, the Oxford yarn series of filament yarns was quite popular. The market sales of polyester FDY135D/36F appeared to be active. The current market price has reached around RMB 11300-115200/T, which is a 200-fold increase from Monday's price. More than 300 yuan / T, especially Tongkun polyester FDY135D/36F production This product is woven into Oxford cloth dyeing shrinkage is small, is currently welcomed by downstream weaving enterprises. POY products downstream manufacturers to purchase better varieties POY75D/72F, 144F, 100D/144F, etc., because the POY "stretched yarn" ex-factory prices have been raised, the market POY for the fight network, the price also rose slightly.

Judging from the current overall market conditions, although the downstream market transactions are in a tepid state, polyester filaments continue to rise for several months, and the downstream weaving resilience breeds, but the downstream weaving operation rate continues to increase, and polyester spinning factory Silk stocks are relatively low, and the upstream polyester raw material market is under strong support, which enhances the confidence of the spinning factory's price increase. Therefore, most people think that in the short term, the overall market price of polyester filaments will still be adjusted slightly based on the slightest exception. Of course, it is not ruled out that the prices of some low-grade polyester filaments may still rise slightly.

See price changes in the "Shengze Jiaxing polyester yarn market conventional varieties one week price trend chart>>

Yarn market: This week, the overall cotton yarn market showed a steady trend. The transaction volume was still concentrated in 32s and 40s. The demand for production of the main jet nylon/cotton series was good. The viscose yarns in the blended yarn products have a stable market, and the 40s/2 volume of viscose yarns continues to increase, and the price trend has not changed. The prices of polyester-cotton yarn products remained stable, and the trading volume of polyester/cotton yarns of 65/35 individual varieties was slightly enlarged. The demand for pure polyester yarn 45s and 50s is slightly enlarged compared with the previous days, but the transaction volume of other specifications is very small. People's cotton yarn 10s trading volume is larger, people's cotton yarn products can still be shipped 30s, but some varieties of cotton yarn prices upturn. The transaction price of polyester staple fiber was temporarily stable. The price of the polyester staple fiber market with a size of 1.4D×38mm was 10,200 yuan/ton. The price of viscose staple fiber presents a trend. The market center price is about 15,200 yuan/ton. It is expected that the yarn prices will continue to be consolidated in the next week.

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