Fushen men's brand-wise to create Fushen boutique

A generation-wide dream, free and unrestrained toward the endless universe, has an ever-expanding life in flight and an immortal soul in flight. Learn the best of the world, bringing together all things, creating a "rich gentry" - the loud name. Fushen brand men's temperament to create Fushen boutique "Fushen" CI logo to the English "Virtue" initial letter "V" as the design element, concise, general composition of the shirt's neckline graphics, interpretation of an elegant, elegant , Chic style and artistic conception, forming powerful steel horns, symbolizing warriors, victories and successes. As an enterprise, it represents the entrepreneurial spirit and challenge of "striving for the first in the country and daring to be the first in the world." Confidence in the future As a product, it is a symbol of high-class and high-taste. It reproduces the extraordinary excellence of "Strive for Harmony and Fine Gentry". Fushen brand men's tempered to build Fushen boutique This sign as the core of the identification system and as a prelude to the overall image system and rich cultural connotation in order to make the whole public to identify and identify with a thriving corporate image, a remarkable, excellent Brand, rich gentry CI system, focusing on the concept of enterprise, according to international practice of the same company name and serial product trademarks, thus establishing a unified enterprise - trademark - product image to promote Fushen to the international market, to participate in international Great economic cycle challenges the ambition and hope of the new century.

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