Honglei and other four major interpretation of the seven wolves 2012 autumn and winter ads blockbuster

Recently, Feng Shao Feng, Li Chen, Zhang Han Yu, Honglei appear together in the "Seven Wolves Character Men's" latest ad, a "seven wolves personality men" the latest spokesman. Septwolves hope that through the celebrity endorsements of the spirit of character and fashion interpretation, to convey the seven wolves, "men not only consistent character," the brand connotation, and Zhang Han Yu perseverance quality, Honglei responsibility attitude, Feng Shao Feng elegance, Li Chen's fighting spirit, respectively Shows the seven wolves character of the core characteristics of men. The Septwolves and Sean Ellis for the first time teamed up to shine dazzling fashion sparks, creating the Septwolves 2012 autumn and winter series of spectacular, magnificent advertising blockbuster. Judging from the shooting team's lineup, we can easily find out that the Septwolv brand, with its own advantages as the top domestic menswear, is actively connecting with the international fashion industry. The vision of septwolves leading the trend of domestic business men's apparel is also becoming clearer and clearer In front of the general public. Septwolves will be under the inspiration of the new corporate mission to achieve a new leap in China's apparel industry to contribute to the revitalization of wisdom, contribute to the rise of the Chinese spirit in the new era!

Microfiber Light Cleaning Towel
Materials:80% Polyester 20% Polyamide
Color:White, Red, Pink, Purple, Green, Blue
Technics:1. Imprinted 2. Embroidered  3.Jacquard 4.Applique
1.Towel( Imprinted, Embroidered, Jacquard, Applique)
2.Washing label(print or weave or jacquard)
3.Packing(print, embroidery)
1.high water absorption
2. quick dry, thicken
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Microfiber Light Cleaning Towel

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