Qing Emperor Qianlong Huang Di Yang Cai gourd flat bottle shot 170 million Hong Kong dollars

October 9, 2012, Hong Kong Sotheby's (microblogging) held in the "important Chinese porcelain and crafts" auction, a pair of Qing Qianlong Qianlong Yang Cai "blessings and longevity" map with a gourd flat bottle to 107 million Hong Kong dollar /13.7 million US dollars high transaction (estimate: 40 million to 60 million Hong Kong dollars / 5.1 million to 7.7 million US dollars *). This pair of gourd flat bottles started from HK$24 million. Three bidders took part in the auction. Three of them competed with each other and the bidding was very intense and compact. As a result, many bidders on the floor did not even join in the middle. Up until the beginning of HK$42 million, one telephone bidder and one on-site bidder competed for each other. After 27 bids, they were eventually successfully bid by telephone bidders.

Flat bottles take the shape of a gourd, flow pleasing to the eye, full painted auspicious ornament decoration, symbolizing longevity, colorful. The various color materials are superimposed on each other, and the contrast between shades is appropriate, supplemented by subtle composition, which shows that artisans ingeniously think about stunts. Elegant and exquisite for the bottle, pattern auspicious, the best is presented as the royal family, as a birthday or wedding gift. This was the collection of Mrs. Christian Holmes (1871-1941), who was the descendant of the Yeast manufacturing tycoon.

In addition, 12 auctions of “Dan Puhan Fang: Hu Huichun’s Collection of Monochrome Royal Porcelain in the Qing Dynasty” were all auctioned this morning, with a turnover of HK$84.5 million/US$10.8 million (valued at more than HK$56 million/US$7 million). Hu Huichun (named Ren Renmu, 1911-1995) was temporarily occupied by the landlord. He studied ancient arts, classical porcelains, paintings and calligraphy, and literary and literary arts. Sincerely, he has won a lot of influence in China. In addition to being tireless and tireless, he has repeatedly shared private collections and made public offerings. He once donated many porcelain objects to Shanghai Museums and other institutions and actively supported publishing, exhibitions, and research.

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