Calle brand women show the elegant and beautiful oriental women temperament

OMEYCOMFREY women's apparel brand , designed by well-known professional fashion designer in Hong Kong, the official registered trademark in Hong Kong and the Mainland, the use of fashion design concepts, cleverly the new era of women mature, steady, elegant and elegant fashion style integration , Fully shows the elegant elegance of the East women, decent decent charm, by all walks of life of women of all ages.


Product style and features: casual, stylish, steady, feminine; grasping the trend of popular colors, the color of bright, bright, selling point; series combination of rich, with multiple; novel fabrics, pay attention to fashion sense of texture and comfort; Fine, elegant plate, the lines accurately reflect the psychological needs of mature women;

卡尔丽品牌女装  展现东方女性的优雅亮丽气质

Market Positioning: For mature women who are 28-50 years old and whose main age groups are 35-45 years old, who are passionate about life, good at enjoying life, enjoying work, and willing to create themselves.

3D Laser Independent Printed Pvc Tablecloth

Material: PVC
Types: 1.Smooth PVC surface
2.Additonal super clear PET film coated on PVC surface
Thickness: 0.14-0.22mm/ custom size
size: 100cm x 100cm & 140cm x 100cm ;

Feature: 1.material: PVC
2.max-width: 150CM, Other sizes will be allowed as per the customers' request
3.Pvc Table Cloth thickness: 0.12mm~0.22mm
4.purpose: houseware decoration, picnic, hotel, party, banquet, wedding easy to clean and carry
5.3D, shiny, golden/ silver grounding, endure dirty, not fade, fire resistance, wipe clean, waterproof, oilproof, low-toxic
pvc table cloth It is a good choice for housing decorations due to it's various color, compatibility and flexibleness. Besides, they are characterised for resistance soiling, easy cleaning, portable carrier, durability, fadeless.

3D Laser Independent Printing Tablecloth

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