Fashion platform shoes have health risks

[This site - shoes and life] was once used to describe the platform shoes with "bully and inaudible" and "chaplin style funny." Nowadays, many people in the United States feel that thick-soled shoes are not only high enough in heel but they are also much more comfortable to wear than ordinary high-heeled shoes. They are simply perfect substitutes for high-heeled shoes. With the arrival of winter, many citizens have already moved snow boots and platform shoes out of the shoe. But do you know what are the health risks associated with platform shoes? How should you wear shoes so that you can reap beauty and health at the same time?

The public, Mr. Yu, runs a shoe store in the urban area. In order to cater to the fashion trend, he recently specially introduced a number of platform shoes.

Mr. Yu said that on normal days, there are customers come to ask if there are thick-soled shoes, this time back into the goods into more than 60 pairs, half a month can sell 40 or 50 pairs.

Many people feel that compared to high-heeled shoes, platform shoes are simply “zero heels,” which are both higher and more comfortable. The doctor introduced that the human body's feet can walk smoothly because of the iron triangle formed by the feet. However, after putting on the platform shoes, the weight of the two feet is increased, and the original triangle will become four corners, and the stability is deteriorated, and it is easy to fall.

According to experts, in general, when we walk, we have to force before the forefoot. However, due to the high height of the platform shoes and the lowering of the center of gravity, our usual normal gait will be changed. When wearing platform shoes, it requires long-term power to the soles of the feet, and the pressure on the soles of the feet may also cause foot deformities.

Although the platform shoes are beautiful, they are still less wearable. Walking on thick platform shoes for a long time, no matter whether the sole is heavy or not, it will cause excessive fatigue and even lesions in the ankle and knee joints due to the increased force.

The chief of the thoracic surgery said that people with thin legs should pay particular attention to long-term wear of platform shoes, because leg muscles usually have weaker leg muscles and are more prone to leg and foot pain and joint sprains than others.

Doctors said that too hard or too soft soles will burden your feet, so it is recommended that when buying shoes, try not to choose shoes that are too thick or too thin. Only shoes with suitable dimensions and comfortable walking can protect the foot, and on the other hand, it can damage the foot. Although online shopping is convenient, it is impossible to determine whether the shoes are related to the feet and material. Suggest that you still go to the store to pick, do not buy online.

Because of the heavy damage to the lower leg and knee joints, platform-wearing shoes should be used by the public who like to wear platform shoes. They should usually massage the legs and knee joints, or enhance local circulation to speed up blood circulation and reduce leg pain and joint degeneration.

Orthopaedic experts say that, for example, sitting in a chair and picking up his legs, legs stretched, put down, this need to be done slowly, you can touch the muscles in front of the thigh with your hand, this level is more appropriate, do five minutes, Can relieve the paralysis of the leg muscles.

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