EIN fashion brand women's 2012 autumn and winter from the forest's elves

Magic heart from the heart, every second there will be a tragic joys and sorrows, we all think they have to be brave, more tough face life, in the real world, it is not clear tomorrow morning will be better, so we Began to create a surreal space, to feel the smile, conflict and fear, try to find their own survival in the imaginary fragile inside the support point, and sometimes go a bit more to see all ...
Elves, beautiful, kind, tough, elegant, they have independent thinking, joy but not the pursuit of excitement, often curious, willing to absorb emerging things, with the most primitive freedom and purity. EIN fashion brand women's autumn and winter 2012, the Nordic genie as a source of inspiration for the production of the same characteristics of the Nordic elves and women of the new era metaphorical interpretation of their intellectual, self-confident, elegant, intelligent, self, and simple looking for fun Curiosity, will break through the conventional light and shadow art, music art and plastic arts show one by one real, simple, comeback EIN.

EIN时尚品牌女装2012秋冬  来自森林的精灵

Elves and trees symbiosis, the trunk of the air in the winter tightening, cohesion. Wool after washing process, become more thick and stiff, such as the texture of the winter trunk, has a dry touch, warm orange in the mid-length warm skirts and tunics.

EIN时尚品牌女装2012秋冬  来自森林的精灵

Gently walk, Gently, wearing winter georgette, the steps will become very light, like a sprout can fly wings, romantic and elegant.

EIN时尚品牌女装2012秋冬  来自森林的精灵

Short Coat with bottoms to create a clean, neat H-type, wool coat thick and dense after washing process texture. Ruff collar elegant and elegant, demolition down is an elegant lapel shirt. Pure color makes the whole match harmonious and comfortable.

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