M & C Fan Di Mizuo Mature men highlight the trend of taste

M & C in full reference to the Chinese characteristics of the premise, the selection of the world's top fabrics, using the teacher design and with the Italian factory Seiko secret agents, bit by bit reflects the unique Italian fashion luxury and a kind of inherent sexy. After careful cultivation of masters, M & C lines, styles are exudes a rich artistic atmosphere. Color follow the traditional Italian implicit fine, the classic black and white gray change infinite charm. M & C Fanciful men to show the light mature male M & C Fanciful men to show the light mature male trend In order to adapt to the Chinese market, M & C weakened their own more or less native style, but the Italian style of excellent workmanship, good Taste preserved. Compared to designers in New York and Paris, Italians generally do not lose sight of the balance of originality and realism. After several years of integration, positioning, more suitable for the Asian market M & C was born in China, the overall positioning of a more young and fashionable, while maintaining the previous European noble sense of more use of thin cut and bold print and stripes design, In full compliance with the Asian body, but also in the style of adding elements such as military uniforms, suits and some of the high standard of garment accessories is very convincing. The improved M & C highlights the confidence and dynamism of the young and successful generation, and has the mission and passion to pursue high-quality and high-taste positioning needs and is deeply loved by the young elites in China.

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