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Turquoise is one of the rare precious gemstones in the world. It is one of the ancient jade in China. As early as the Neolithic Age, it was used as an ornament together with jade and agate. From the Qijia culture and the Dawenkou cultural site in the late Neolithic period to the tombs of the Northern and Southern Dynasties, turquoise ornaments were found. In the Qing Dynasty, it was called the jewel of the heavens. It was regarded as the holy sacred thing of auspicious happiness. Only the emperor and the queen’s official hat can use the turquoise edging.

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In ancient times people linked it to religion. China's Tibet is particularly revered for turquoise. China's Mongolian and Tibetan areas like to embed turquoise in matching knives, hats and clothes. It is still a sacred decorative item for religious ceremonies. The American Indians think that turquoise is the elf of the sea and the blue sky. It will bring auspiciousness and good luck to the expedition. It is known as the stone of success and a symbol of divine power. Many ethnic minorities in the world regard it as a gift from God. Most ancient civilizations admire turquoise, such as Egypt, Persia, and Aztec (the Mexican Indians).

Turquoise introduction

Turquoise, also known as Turkish jade, is known in English as Turquoise. It is usually produced in secondary shallow mineral deposits. Its chemical formula is CuAl6(PO4)4(OH)8·5H2O, which has a soft waxy luster and belongs to the triclinic system. The crystal form is a dense cryptocrystalline aggregate, sometimes in the form of a hull, tuberculosis, and a single crystal is extremely rare. The texture is very delicate and the toughness is relatively poor.

Turquoise is different in color depending on the elements it contains. It is mostly sky blue, light blue, green blue, green, and pale green. The copper-containing oxide is blue, and the iron-containing oxide is green. Color is an important factor affecting the quality of the turquoise. Turquoise is made of azure porcelain pine, especially glazed porcelain. If there is an irregular iron wire, its quality will be worse. The value of white turquoise is lower than that of blue and green. In the block, there is a "black line" called "iron wire turquoise", and in foreign countries it is called "blue stone".

The Home of Turquoise - Liyang, Hubei

China is most famous for its production in northwestern Hubei, and is also produced in Shaanxi, Xinjiang, Anhui, Henan and other places. The Xiangyang area of ​​Hubei Province is known as the turquoise town of the East. The abundance of turquoise is pure, bright and dazzling. The colors are mostly blue, green, gray blue and pink green. It is extremely rare. At present, the world's largest piece of turquoise gemstone is produced in Yungai Mountain, which is more than 1,200 meters above sea level in Jixian County, Hubei Province. This turquoise is 82 cm long, 29 cm high and 29 cm wide and weighs 66 kg.

Turquoise jewelry is popular

As a decorative item, due to the loose structure of the turquoise, the hardness is different, the texture is complex, and it is easy to be broken. The processing must be glued and solidified before cutting to shape. Generally, the original shape is preserved, and the original vicissitude is felt, but it is greatly welcomed by the market. People love turquoise natural greens and textures. It represents the true stone is the beauty, the nature is the beauty, the original is the beauty.

How to maintain turquoise jewelry

The designer of the China Jewelry Design Institute recommends that the surface of the turquoise be gently rubbed with a soft suede dipped in baby oil or mineral oil. Turquoise can be chapped or faded, and oil can give it a healthy glow and moisturize, just like maintaining our skin, and like a cleanser, it can remove the surface ash; These turquoises are inlaid in silver, and they can also shine the silver ornaments. In addition, turquoise jewelry should be placed in the dry air, remember that the bathroom is not suitable for turquoise, before bathing, it is best to take the loose stone in advance, do not wear a loose stone necklace when swimming.

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