How should a pillow be chosen to sleep well?

Core Tip: People spend 1/3 of their time in sleep, and the pillow can be said to be one of our longest partners. This partner is right, not only to ensure our high quality sleep, but also to determine the quality of the remaining 2/3 working and living.

One third of a person's life is spent in sleep, and the pillow can be said to be one of our longest partners. This partner is right, not only to ensure our high quality sleep, but also to determine the quality of the remaining 2/3 working and living.

If you wake up and find that your neck can't move, and you have a backache and tiredness, it is necessary to consider whether the pillow is at play.

The use of ergonomically designed pillows is beneficial not only to the cervical spine, but also to the physiological curvature of the entire spine and the muscles of the spine. The source of all diseases starts from the spine, and the spine is often health care to maintain good health. The role of the pillow is to ensure that the physiological curvature of the human neck is not deformed during sleep.

According to experts, the cervical vertebra is located at the uppermost end of the human spine and is wrapped in the neck and consists of 7 vertebrae.

The so-called physiological curvature is a smooth, forward-facing arc formed by the seven vertebrae. The role of the pillow is to maintain this normal physiological curve. How to maintain a normal physiological curvature, it is necessary to see if you are really clear in the choice of the height and hardness of the pillow.

The improper selection of pillows directly affects people's sleep. French scientists have found that insomnia can even have a negative impact on people's sexual life.

So what kind of pillow is appropriate? The old saying "sit back and relax" is actually not scientific. The pillow is too high. No matter what position you sleep, you can't maintain the normal lordosis of the cervical spine, which will increase the burden on the cervical spine and may cause the stiff neck. If you have neck ache, headache, dizziness, tinnitus and insomnia, etc., or if you sleep and sleep halfway and feel numb, it may be that your pillow is too high; if the pillow is too low, the head will be congested. It is easy to cause eyelids and facial swelling, and the lower jaw will lift upwards, it is easy to breathe and snoring. If the neck and shoulders are sore after awakening, it is caused by the pillow being too low, not using a pillow or the pillow being too soft.

Experts pointed out that it is best to choose a pillow that maintains the normal curvature of the neck regardless of whether you are sleeping or sleeping. In general, the height of the pillow should be about 10 cm. This height is suitable for the position of the cervical spine in the supine state, which can make the muscle ligament around the neck and the cervical facet joints in the best relaxation state, so that it can eliminate fatigue. In order to get adequate rest adjustments, but due to personal differences in the human body, such as the size of the individual head pillow bones, the difference in the length of the neck, is a factor affecting the choice of pillows. At the same time, the filling of the pillow core is also a factor that affects the height of the pillow. In the past, pillow fillings were mostly buckwheat husks. Because they are light and loose, they are easy to shape. The shape and height of the skull can be determined according to the size of the individual's head and the length of the neck. However, due to the looseness of the buckwheat husk, during the sleep, the pillow The shape is not easy to fix, and the scattered pillow shape is sometimes counterproductive. The shape of the pillow suitable for cervical curvature should form a high curvature along the curvature of the cervical spine to the occipital region of the head, so as to maintain and adapt to the normal curvature of the cervical spine. If the occipital pillow is placed at the highest point of the pillow, The cervical spine is suspended, the cervical vertebrae form excessive flexion, the cervical muscles and ligament joint bundles are in a state of tension, and the vertebral artery pathway is blocked. Only the neck stiffness and dizziness are weak after waking up.

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