Showy & Co. Show also women's wear all the time not noticeable femininity

Showy & Co. (The show also) lead the fashion sense of modern women Shu women brand concept, relaxed, stylish, elegant, romantic, sexy as the main way to allow each to pursue independent self-confident women, all the time do not emit remarkable woman Taste, at the same time demonstrate self-confidence, sophisticated attention to exquisite taste of quality of life.


Handsome shoulder design embodies the show autumn 2012-13 fashion military style of the theme of autumn and winter, clean neat tailoring process to create the perfect upper body effect, gold buttons and placket edge, brighten the whole degree of color clothing.


Winter cold body plus the body, easily promoted fashionistas. Sleeve design can not only show your slender hand, but also because the clothes cuffs and arms to form a prominent slender arms, wavy pattern so that the whole clothes are not monotonous, wild round neck relaxed display With skill.

As we all know, ROXY is a well-known casual brand of Quiksilver Company, which mainly provides sportswear for ladies and girls. Roxy has so many styles of Surfing Suits for ladies and girls. There are few brands specially for ladies and girls wears in the world. Seaskin made lots of Ladies Wetsuits and Girls Wetsuits, you can check our website and you will see some of our styles. You are welcomed to send any good idea for making custom wetsuits. 

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