Chief Appreciation Expert Wan Hao said that Jade: the history of jade

Graduated from the Department of Geology, Peking University, majoring in gemmology. President of Wanruixiang Jade Club, Chief Appreciation Specialist, National Certified Jewelry Appraiser. Member of the drafting team of China Jewelry Evaluation Guidelines. He has worked in China Gemstone Association, Beijing Jewelry Import and Export Corporation, and Zhongbao Dai Meng De Co., Ltd. This is Wan County. Today, I will talk about the history of the emeralds in Wanjun.

It has been a coincidence that I have been engaged in jade for more than 20 years. I have been exposed to many jade collections in the Qing Dynasty. The vast majority of jadeite and collectors have limited access to the Qing Dynasty jade, so I always feel very lucky. Many people who collect jadeite are very interested in learning about the types of jade products in the Qing Dynasty. What are the quality techniques of these jadeites? What happened after the dynasty changed and the personnel were annihilated? What should I pay attention to in the collection? What is their market value? Understanding these jade knowledge is not just about understanding a piece of history, but also inspiring the collection.

Books that record jadeite are not uncommon in history. For example, the "Western Fu" of the Ban Chao of the Han Dynasty, "the jade fire is Qi, including the glory of the British." The "Jade" in it refers to jade. During the Southern and Northern Dynasties, Xu Ling’s "Yutai New Preface", "Liu Zizhen, all day long; Jade pen bed, from time to time." Among them, "pen bed" is used for pens, is made of jade. At that time, ethnic minorities in the southwest were also very frequent with the country, and there may be jade tributes among the items they tribute. There is also the Tang Dynasty Li Shangyin, "the number of rushing Furong belt, the frequency of the emerald 簪 簪" is even more clear. The most clear and detailed record of the Song Dynasty Ouyang Xiu’s "Return to the Field", he said that there is a piece in his home.

"Cui Pi". "Poppy" refers to a small bottle of wine with a small mouth and a strong belly. He said that the family and friends thought that this thing was Jasper. Occasionally, he met an old eunuch of the former Song Dynasty, and saw this "Cuipi" and said to him: "You are not a jade, It should be jade. Because I saw a jade urn in the former inner palace of the palace. This jade can be chipped with gold.” “chip gold” means that gold is ground on it and can be ground into fine powder, indicating jade The texture is very hard. During the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, the Zhungeer rebellion and the jade road were blocked. At this stage, the jade from the southwest to Beijing began to enter the palace. The Emperor Qianlong, who loved jade, liked this greener than Hetian jade. From jade to the emperor to the empress of the emperor and then to the palace minister, they began to like jade. Jadeite entered the life of the nobles in the Qing Dynasty.

It can be seen that the word jade did not begin in the Qing Dynasty, but has been recorded before the Qing Dynasty.

Chinese culture is profound and profound, and the history of jade has been recorded for a long time. It seems that the birth of jade is still very precious.

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