BONO analytic 2013 career suits the tide element

Professional suits, reflecting professional. However, professional does not mean that Chen is heavy or dull. Domestic hard to find the information on the hand of the European and American wear, leading to still have a lot of traditional vision, the understanding of wear, narrowly stuck in dark gray overalls. At this time, in the other side of the international fashion gathering place of Wall Street, Oxford Street, or the Champs-Elysees office, the formal wear of white-collar workers have long color stripes, bright bow tie, straps and other bold elements put on the workplace. Do not monotonous, rejected old fashioned, put aside dull, tear off the label, the same professional suits can sync the world fashion trends. Take a look at the BONO designers from all over the world in fashion, back to the 2013 most in-the-business suit fashion elements. Change, quietly start ... ... main colors in addition to black and white gray blue, what color is suitable for large-scale use in professional suits? 2013 BONO found Simple simple natural earth color, Neutral neutral black and white, Lavender fresh lavender Color, elegant silver elegance and elegant intermediate color. Lavender color more recommended for shirts, street in Wall Street BONO freeze for you this moment, a perfect interpretation of the professional suit dress template: hit the collar of the Lavender light-colored shirt with elegant gray implicit sliver suit, is Red oblique stripes tie, so that the whole match with more stylish and angry, strong highlight the workplace self-confidence. Simple, but also suitable for any color of men's wear. The black and white color is always the old classic, designers are the protagonists of all ages. At the Paris Spring / Summer 2013 Fashion Week, BONO designers collected a set of professional black-and-white applications: a white, feminine-inspired jacket, a discreet combination of metal zipper, simple and neat designs, shoulder seam and cuff inlaid Color ribbon, deconstruction contours add elegance. Is the inner strength, is the soft outer. Color and accessories also think men only need a tie, watches, belts, shoes enough? In addition to these, with the use of professional suits with some of the details of the color is often worthy of accessories, such as: the color of the sleeves of the cloth, the color of the suit in the cloth, pocket towels, shirt collar cuff hit color, and even gloves jump color High-profile popular, it is born for professional suits. BONO in many businesses tailored career suits will recommend using corporate LOGO color as the suit color to enhance the corporate culture and sense of belonging to clothing, and corporate LOGO color is often very full and bright, so bold use of your business color, whether it is Budding, striped, tie, buttons, scarves, etc., will be the trendiest fashion match. Texture and flower pattern in addition to light and dark lines, wave points, small square, Houndstooth, plain jacquard and other traditional flowers, with a sense of lingering texture, but also 2013 a new fashion point. For example, with natural pearls or silk fabric composition, with natural gloss and vertical texture, vaguely visible carving texture, the fabric becomes rich three-dimensional. With the retro sense of complex patterns hit the 2013 fashion T station attack, decorative wallpaper pattern, Paisley pattern, modified Chidori pattern, in the eyes of BONO design, can be used as elegant accessories in professional business suit in fashion. Excipients as a site not easy to be watched, tend to be the best place to reflect the thoughts and tastes, such as suits in the cloth. In general, people's demands on the suit lining only focus on the breathability and tearing of the fabric, often ignoring the choice of lining pattern. In fact, when the suit is not snapped open, suddenly found the suit in the cloth will give people what kind of impression: the fabric with the color, no mistake but nothing new; dot jacquard, it is a glimpse; if it is awning Stripe it, is simply the top of fashion. The outline has the geometric structure of the building frame and becomes the inspiration source of the fashionable T stage. Popular military style, the pursuit of tough texture, three-dimensional geometric cracks, sonorous shoulder line, neat hem, angular outline, clothing has brought incomparable strength. The Chinese people say "the word is as good as one" because the character of man can be seen from the glyph structure. Liugong saw the justness of the right to see the tranquil and tranquil Li Shitong. So clothing it? High-quality, but also has a sense of strength, what will come to mind? Bond 007 is confident, decisive, executive power, as well as professional. Perfect! The most atmospheric trend element - tough outline. Suit, trench coat, coat, so that clothing build your professional attitude. Ladies gentleman shape more and more boyfriend wind blowing, how to interpret workplace women? BONO's designers recommend just outside the gentle gentleman shape for the ladies. Strengthen the outline of the suit and waist lines, at the same time the use of multi-material splicing way to highlight, such as silk collar, or satin texture of the green collar, with light sense of material so that dark suit is not boring, green fruit tie Rich gentleman at the same time, the curvature of the curve also increased the softness of women. Of course, in addition to suits, the clothing taken within, you can also create just outside gentle gentleman range children. Lace, tie, leather and other elements, will make the style of female models career more agile and diverse. The fast changing trend, BONO to learn the strain. Designers capture the most fashionable elements from all over the world, bring the best solutions for the corporate workplace wear, fashion, classic, personality, high-end. BONO career suits, corporate image customization experts.

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