De Anfang comfortable underwear tailored to build a woman's self-confidence

Body is a beautiful woman symbol, a woman is most concerned about the top priority, beautiful and comfortable underwear can highlight a woman's style. De Anfang to create comfortable, high quality and healthy products, tailored to a woman's self-confidence, the achievements of each woman's desire for a beautiful image, inspire women to show the most unique and beautiful inside.


Fresh and natural colors from the plants create an indispensable sense of ecology. The unique lace makes the visual effect more plentiful. The complicated composition design tests the designer's skill. The elegant embroidery, lace and three-dimensional flowers smoothly create elegance Feminine charm.

德安芳舒适健康内衣  量身打造女人的自信

Three-dimensional cut, to play a super inclusive effect, so that all scattered in the breast fat cup, instant rounded, full chest; high ears pull on the chest to play a very good on the care and pulling the role of the perfect tolerance, To prevent side leakage, while the dispersion of shoulder strap by pressure.

Consinee is professional Cashmere Yarn manufacturer and largest cashmere yarn exporter in China. We Consinee are expert in cashmere yarn producing, including 100%cashmere yarn and cashmere blended yarn, such as Silk Cashmere Yarn, wool cashmere, cotton cashmere etc. We offer different count from 12nm to 200nm, single, double and triple plies of yarn, so our customers can use on knitting machine from 3gg to 18gg. Our positioning is high end market and we offer yarns to specialized buyers and well-known brands and designers. Our annual capacity is 5000tons of various of high quality yarn. 

Cashmere Yarn

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