Ten standards for healthy bedrooms

Core Tip: If you sleep 8 hours a day, one-third of a person's life will be spent in the bedroom. The layout of the bedroom is likely to affect everyone's health. This issue of "Life Times" reporter interviewed a number of experts and combined with the latest foreign research, teach you how to create a healthy, warm bedroom to help you live a healthy life.

The wall is brushed blue. On May 16, the British "Daily Mail" published a survey involving 2000 families, showing that color has a significant impact on sleep duration. In purple, gray, red, gold, and brown bedrooms, the average sleep time of the owner is less than 7 hours per night; in the silver, green, and yellow bedrooms, sleep for more than 7 and a half hours; blue for 7 hours. The 52-point sleep duration tops the list and is known as the most beneficial sleep color.

The object is in a double swing. American interior decorator Jimmy Ballet said that bedroom bedside tables, table lamps, hanging pictures and other items are best to appear in pairs, which can add a sense of harmony to the bedroom, and help the owner to improve the quality of sleep through psychological hints. The mess is easy to get upset. It is recommended to have a basket or box of your choice, to store small pieces of small items and cover them. The placement of the bed is also important, preferably against the wall.

Choose solid wood furniture. Luo Wei, executive deputy director of the National Furniture and Indoor Environmental Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, said that the less furniture in the bedroom, the better. The more furniture you put, the more harmful substances are released. When conditions permit, it is best to buy solid wood furniture, because it does not use glue as a "pollution", so it is more environmentally friendly.

The bed should not be too hard and the quilt should be light. Zhao Yan, director of the Tuina rehabilitation department of the Hubei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that spinal diseases caused by inappropriate pillows and mattresses are common. The mattress should be moderately soft and hard, and the hard bed and the soft bed are not good. The height of the pillow should be controlled after the pillow goes down and there is a fist high on the bed. If the quilt is too heavy, it will affect your breathing, especially in winter. It is best to use a light, warm duvet.

With a bed headlight. The US "Prevention" magazine once published that the excessive light in the bedroom will lead to a decrease in melatonin secretion from the body, which will affect the quality of sleep. Therefore, a bedside lamp should be provided in the bedroom. After the dome light is turned off before going to bed, the bedside lamp with a lower wattage is used to create a darker environment to help people enter the sleep mode. Nie Jing, an associate professor of the Environmental Pollution and Health Research Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, said that the bedroom should use a warm light source that emits yellow light, and install mirrors, glass and other accessories on the wall as little as possible.

Less big appliances. Many people feel that it is very pleasant to watch TV in bed, but this is not healthy. Professor Zhao Yufeng of the Indoor Environment Monitoring Committee of the China Interior Decoration Association said that it is best to put less or no discharger in the bedroom, especially electric appliances that emit electromagnetic waves such as televisions and computers, which will affect sleep and husband and wife life. Appliances are still large dust, so always clean.

Hang double curtains. Shi Ming, deputy director of the Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Insomnia Medical Collaboration Center, said that it is recommended that you choose double-layer curtains to create a quiet, dark sleeping environment. Especially for the south-facing bedroom, due to the sufficient light, day and night curtains can be used. The curtains are composed of two curtains of different materials. One piece has good light transmission performance and a good shading performance, which can be used as needed.

Pay attention to ventilation and purify the air. Dai Zizhu, a researcher at the Institute for Environmental and Health-related Product Safety of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that ventilation according to outdoor weather conditions is the most effective way to reduce indoor air pollution. In addition, the choice of air purifier is also important for the health of the bedroom. If you have just finished the renovation, it is recommended to use a purifier that can clear formaldehyde. If it is to remove odor, it is best to choose activated carbon purifier. To prevent and control PM2.5, you can purchase an air purifier that uses a high-efficiency filter, but the price is relatively high. It is worth reminding that the air purifier is best placed in the middle of the house, far from the human body.

Don't put a big pot of green plants. Dai Zizhu told reporters that many people think that potted plants in the bedroom can absorb pollutants in the air, but the effect is very limited. Because of photosynthesis, green plants absorb carbon dioxide during the day, and when they get to night, they will take oxygen and release pollutants such as carbon dioxide. It is best not to enlarge the potted plants in the bedroom. If you put them in, you should also move them out at night to avoid the problem of insufficient oxygen supply, dizziness and difficulty in breathing. It is best to choose smaller plants such as green radish and spider plant, and do not exceed two or three pots.

Clean it regularly. The US "Really Simple" website article recommends a timetable for bedroom cleaning: shake the quilt every day after getting up, make the bed, wipe the bedside table; clean the dust on the lamp every week, change the sheets, wipe the furniture and the floor; quarterly Be sure to wipe the window once and flip the mattress.

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