May Camille passion underwear to write a new chapter

Flam in May, Kang Lui Ni underwear store bloom, May 24, Kang Lu Ni successfully stationed in Maoming, Guangdong Gaozhou, May 29, Shenzhen Longhua oil store grand opening.


Kang Lu Ni Maoming Gaozhou shop in Guangdong

Shenzhen Kang Lu Ni underwear favored by the majority of female compatriots, joined the current hot investment in the country, the franchise fee, free assessment of the opening of the business guide and there is the opening gift package, zero-risk venture capital, allowing you to shop worry-free!

激情五月  康璐妮内衣续写新篇章

Shenzhen Longhua oil pine shop

Founded in 2009, the company is a modern large-scale underwear brand franchise chain specializing in research, development and operation of underwear. It has always been devoted to fine management and refined brand building. Through 4 years of direct-marketing practice, we already have the ability of chain duplicating , Create a unique "whole shop output" profit model, to ensure that customers get stable in the short term, in the third-line mass consumer store in the actual effectiveness of a single store can be directly comparable to or even beyond the old brand.

Companies adhere to the quality, reputation for life, service features, customer satisfaction as the criteria for the work, and always stand in the forefront of the market. Adhere to the unified brand, unified price, unified image, unified management model, and gradually formed a brand integration and promotion ﹑ retail ﹑ agent franchise as one of the management and management system. Sales rose year after year, showing a good momentum of development. The future, the company will continue underwear research and development ﹑ focus on market and customer needs, focus on product quality and personnel training, brand chain unique marketing model to standardization, modernization, specialization, diversification, internationalization enterprise forward, to create China The most influential underwear chain brand.

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