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In an era of increasingly subdivided markets, more markets can be won only if the needs of consumers are clearer. Especially in the clothing market, the needs of each person is always different, the brand's product line will be particularly subdivided to become particularly important. Prince password men judge the situation, the product is divided into four series, to meet different age groups, different fashion pursuit of the young family's fashion clothing needs. Youth fashion series targeting young people aged 16-20, beautiful and colorful, like to wear fashion, the pursuit of fashionable young people, the Prince password can find your youth mark, so you are particularly different walking in the streets. Fashion trendsetting series located in the 20-22-year-old series of trends, fully integrated elements of the street trend, followed by the world's latest and most IN street shooting trend, the trend of the city for the city to bring a different feeling, changing mix and match the trend of clothing , Active in the forefront of fashion. Simple fashion series located in 22-25-year-old petty bourgeoisie, enough fashion white-collar people, the prince password simple series of products, combined with the spandex self-tailoring, emphasizing fashion simple, classic eternal with the law, sometimes concise, sometimes casual, casual The unique charm of handsome self. The popular fashion series creates a practical, cost-effective wild casual, follow the principle of low-key, simple clothing, regardless of age boundaries, every moment, follow the comfort, natural, decent, both internally and externally to enjoy simple fashion. Spring and summer models price between 99 yuan to 289 yuan, autumn and winter models in the price of 219 to 699 yuan. Prince password also provides all kinds of the most innovative, most cutting-edge, the most fashionable clothing with accessories, experience men's tide brand one-stop shop pleasure, find your own fashion password, you are "Prince Corps." Multi-product line is an important factor to attract customers, the Prince password is a good choice for men to join!

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