2 +1 parent-child sweet + happiness = warm family

2 + 1 parent-child brand concept completely installed around the 2 + 1 parent-child slogan to love more intimate, so that the whole family runs through them warm! Speak love, bring your baby with their parents and children to put on the street stroll it, let the world also feel your happiness, sweet, wear your parent-child equipment, so that others envy go. The definition of parent-child equipment is to feel very warm, very loving, so that single people will see the germination of the urge to get married, married newlyweds also feel how happy a child is ah. A family of three walking together in the street people feel special warmth. "Home" is the historical destination of Chinese people, the center of work and life and the spiritual fortress. "Home" can make people feel the warmth and affection. The pursuit of family health, happiness, harmony is everyone's "home" look forward to. The process of life is often the process of running their own families. One of the hallmarks of the success of life is that the family is happy and harmonious, and has a happy life.

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