Offside juvenile equipment: clothing sold is not the end, from the service to tap new business opportunities

Many people know that the service quality of clothing stores is related to the sales performance, the good attitude of employees and the considerate service can keep customers and facilitate transactions. Everyone will be aware of the importance of pre-sales service, then you have not noticed that good after-sales service can bring more repeat customers, but also attract more new customers? "Offside offside Jumbo" tells you that the sale of apparel products does not completely represent the end of a sale, high-quality after-sales service will enable customers to better experience the product, to win the customer's appreciation, of course, will reap more More business opportunities. So, after-sales service in the clothing store, what can we do in the end? First, the returned goods. As long as the goods do not get dirty old, tag is still there, does not affect the second sale of goods, you can accept the customer request returned, if necessary, to apologize. Of course, this also depends on the specific circumstances, if you encounter a greater degree of damage to the product, or underwear and other personal clothing, unsalable goods, some say before the special can not be returned to the special goods, it is necessary to calmly tell the customer clearly , Remember not to cause customer bad feelings. To return the goods, to register a clear section number, price and other information, the most important thing is to remember the reason for the return, so that the future analysis and summary, and constantly improve business sales. Second, free repair. Some customers may take the clothes back a few days to accidentally slit, zipper off or buttoned off, and they will not be repaired. First of all, whether it is caused by the artificial or normal wear, we can first provide him with a free repair service, and even iron it, by the way to inform customers of care, washing knowledge and skills of such clothes, precautions, such as non-bleach, the best Hand wash, etc. to reduce the possibility of damage again, to give customers a caring, professional impression. If the customer is buying high-end brand clothing, we can also provide a free dry cleaning. After the sale is completed, you can also schedule an appointment with the customer, the product sent to his home. Third, keep in touch. For chatting customers, VIPs and other new and old customers, we can write down their address and phone number. Thanks for answering their questions and answers, as well as listening to their suggestions and opinions. Keep in touch and strengthen communication. Festivals, birthday greeting cards for them to send, a small gift that greetings, new products, promotional activities at the beginning, take the initiative to contact and send them details. For particularly important customers, we can create a file for him, record the size he wants, favorite style, acceptable price, there are no special requirements, once found the right product, promptly notify.

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