Sissi taught you how to sell adjustable underwear

Sissi underwear from a global perspective, to grasp the prevalence of functional underwear pulse, and guide the fashion trend, and in particular tailored according to the characteristics of oriental women's tailored for the pursuit of stylish noble, healthy and sexy women shaping the carcass curve, Sisi Mandy has been perfect The quality system and after-sales service won the praise and recognition of consumers, to achieve standardized terminal brand operations. In short, the adjustment of underwear is also functional underwear.

Adjustable underwear is a collection of medical, fat, ergonomic and professional underwear design principles developed by the scientific and technological goods. Because of the sophisticated calculation and design, it can maintain, adjust the body, focus, fixed fat, and righting the spinal cord, orthodontics body posture, it is different from the general underwear in general underwear just loyal to wear out your original body, and Adjustable underwear for people who do not make the ideal body modification and creation, and make the ideal person to continue to maintain a good body tune.


Buy adjustable underwear experience: First, this thing should pay attention to the brand, but not the more expensive the better, expensive to your reason, do not because it is priced at 5000, you buy. Second, when buying the best three-dimensional perspective, is to wear on the body model, the light hit, you can see it mainly in that part of the body to work. Want to adjust the effect of underwear, the premise is to wear the right way. This liposuction to wear 3-6 months after the tights about the truth, have played a role in stereotypes. It should also be noted that the adjustment underwear is not used to lose weight, but to improve body size.

As long as the correct style of underwear is worn, it will move your fat, make the chest bigger, and the meat on the back will go to the chest, as well as eliminate the secondary milk and build on your existing foundation. Design Positioning: Use organic fabrics that have no side effects on the skin. Product-style design adhere to a hundred years of cultural accumulation, highlighting the "Sissi" -like elegance, dignity, as well as the European royal family has the elegance.

Market positioning: located in the pursuit of quality of life of the urban family, aged 22-55 years old, have a high cultural and fashion taste, and sensitive to the popular, eager to have the "Sissy" like a perfect body; their income Rich, pay more attention to the health and taste of life; they are confident, optimistic, elegant posture, luxurious and elegant aristocratic temperament, but never neglected to dress themselves.

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