Xinjiang needs to create more local Hetian jade works

Xinjiang needs to create more local Hetian jade works Speaking of Li Zhongzhi at the Xinjiang Rock Mine Quality Inspection Station, she is a capable woman in the eyes of many people. Many people also use her precious treasures to ask her for help. She said: "Each piece of Hetian jade has an ID card, and we are the person who presents this ID card. Therefore, I will seriously identify each piece of jade, which is responsible to the business, responsible to the consumer, and also to myself. Be responsible for.

Reporter: A lot of people will go to “lost money” when they buy jade, and there is no certificate of quality inspection for those things. Do you think that this method is worth advocating?

Li Zhongzhi: In my opinion, in the recent few years, the entire Hetian jade market in the capital has become more and more standardized. Every piece that enters into a jade store or a department store has a quality inspection certificate. This quality inspection certificate is equivalent. In this jade ID card, only the identity card, consumers can rest assured that the purchase.

When consumers buy jade, don’t worry about it. Compared to formal stores, small business hawkers’ basics are not feasible, not glass or quartzite, and some may even be stained with leather to increase prices. . There are even some white jade products that have been copied out of glass. Many experienced people cannot be identified at first, and only after careful observation can they discover the difference between it and Hetian jade. Of course, many people master Hetian jade's identification method is simply through the introduction of books, in fact, want to really understand Hetian jade, do not want to be easily deceived, the best way is to look more, turn more, in large shopping malls, jade stores Look at the real goods, and then go to a small street vendor where the contrast is different. After a long time, he will simply distinguish.

In any case, it is better for consumers to have few flaws, unless you understand the knowledge of Hetian jade industry.

Reporter: At present, the Hetian jade market is constantly being regulated. Does it need a "creative industrial park" that gives fresh blood to the industry?

Li Zhongzhi: The Xinjiang Xinjiang Hetian Jade Cultural and Creative Industrial Park founded by Cheng He and He Tianyu is the first cultural and creative industrial park in Xinjiang that focuses on the Hetian jade culture. Therefore, the establishment of itself is also very meaningful and influential. Because the establishment of this industrial park is to regulate the market in Xinjiang, promote jade culture, cultivate jade culture, develop jade carving, and play a leading role.

In addition, I think that the establishment of Hetianyu Creative Industrial Park is not only a development of the Hetian jade industry, but also very beneficial to the development of the tourism industry in Xinjiang, because many tourists who travel to Xinjiang cannot directly understand the production process of Hetian jade. Only by understanding the production process can we understand the value of Hetian jade jade.

Reporter: What is your opinion on the future development of the Industrial Park?

Li Zhongzhi: There are 28 jade carving masters in Xinjiang, of which 8 are Chinese jade carving masters. We hope that Cheng He and He Tianyu can use this project to attract more talent here to contribute to the jade carving industry in Xinjiang. The establishment of a new project requires the cultivation of the market. Since the establishment of a brand creative industrial park representing Xinjiang, it is hoped that the identification of goods will be continuously improved. It is hoped that the Industrial Park will focus on highlighting the works of local masters in Xinjiang. Faced with the differences in carvings in other places, it is hoped that Cheng He and He Tianyu can allow local jade carving masters to go out and learn more, allowing the masters to calm down and engage in creative work. All those propaganda and The packaging has Cheng He and He Tianyu. For the masters to really build this platform.

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