TITI official website released recommendation: TITI women's 2013 autumn and winter fashion show (Figure)

TITI Women's Fall Winter Fashion Week 2013 was released. TITI Women's new season fashion blockbusters interpret the trend of the new season with a theme of retro atmosphere.

TITI official website released recommendation: TITI women's 2013 autumn and winter fashion show (Figure)

TITI women's clothing adheres to the spirit of "international charm and moving brand", adheres to the international lifestyle, implements the concept of premise of cost-effectiveness, and combines the concept of free and collocation with diversity and easy to achieve the dream of moving consumers. In the end, the brand will present its design and service concept based on consumer demand, and will strive to build an international export brand for women's wear in China. It will become the goal of high-quality apparel companies in the world.
The TITI brand has gone through 15 years and is a very well-known and well-known brand. It was once rated as the top ten famous brands in Shenzhen and the fourth international fashion apparel brand “fashion brand”. The extraordinary development momentum implies unlimited investment opportunities.
TITI women's accurate market positioning is divided into black, white and gold three-tier brand lines:
White TITI is a complete performance of TITI brand style. It is also the soul of the entire TITI brand. Whether it is the Golden TITI or the Black TITI is based on its style. The main price range is 500-900 yuan, with self-operating mode, joining mode, distribution in the first-tier cities, the entire market level in the second-tier cities, and some higher-level lines in the fourth-tier cities at the top of the third-tier cities.
Black TITI is acceptable to the general public. It is easy to wear and easy to understand. The style is based on the white TITI. It is the middle level of the market that is easy for consumers to receive and understand. The style of store decoration is also simple. The main price: 300-600 yuan, there are joining mode, dealer mode, distributed in the third-tier cities and four-tier cities.
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