"Let's get married" High Round Fold Skirt Goddess High Round Dress with

Now hit the drama "we get married," usher in the finale tonight, Gao Yuanyuan, Huang Haibo this lovers will eventually turn sweet marriage, watching the drama at the same time, the audience keen observation point of view, the peach (Gao Yuanyuan plays) The costumes are also very dazzling, it is said that there are many clothes are her own clothes. A designer working in the bridal salon in the clothing with the match is certainly has its own unique view, and let Xiaobian brightly lit up the dress is naturally elegant split skirt, stylish eye-catching. So Xiaobian introduced to you today is also on the split skirt with the wearing skills and learning goddess Gao Yuan Yuan's clothing.


Photo Source: "We get married" stills

Goddess Gao Yuanyuan dressed in a fork skirt, so elegant and charming upgrade again, the play this split paragraph split skirt with Heather's cardigan shirt, black shoulder bag and black high-heeled shoes equipment, people have to admire with so deep .

《我们结婚吧》高圆圆开叉裙 学女神高圆圆穿衣搭配

Photo credit: Newfoundland- NEWFOUND WOMEN

Look at this bright color of the split skirt to the button as the guide, extending to the thigh area, pink shirt and mustard yellow irregular coat, take hit color effect, take charming lines.

《我们结婚吧》高圆圆开叉裙 学女神高圆圆穿衣搭配

Photo credit: Newfoundland-NEWFOUND WOMEN

At first glance looks like a blooming petunia, this split skirt is the same button as a medium, white skirt wide open, peacock open screen is like this? So glamorous people can not help envy envy hate.

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