Offside teenager chairman was elected chairman of Hunan Shaoyang Chamber of Commerce

Recently, Hunan Shaoyang Chamber of Commerce held its first five-member meeting. The General Assembly conducted the re-election of the new leadership. Mr. Zhong Xiang, chairman of our company, was elected as the chairman of the board of Shaoyang Chamber of Commerce in Hunan Province and became one of the "Seventh Standing Committee" of the leading group of Hunan Shaoyang Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong Province. Zhong Dong was previously the executive vice president and director of the Garment Industry Committee of Shaoyang Chamber of Commerce in Hunan Province, Guangdong. He also served as Executive Secretary. From the preliminary preparations of the Chamber of Commerce to the activities of the Chamber after the establishment of the Chamber of Commerce, he actively and enthusiastically participated, Do their utmost to contribute, and promote the development of Shao Shang spare no effort. Zhong Dong has always been committed to promoting Shao business in Guangdong and his hometown of Shaoyang project cooperation, he also very actively promote the Chamber of Commerce, and efforts to develop membership, he developed through membership membership has reached more than 40.

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