COOPOOL2014 summer new conference and brand order will be completed successfully

November 6, Welcome COOPOOL2014 summer new conference and brand order fair, this conference attracted the country's best agents and franchisees Friends of the mall a total of more than 300 friends, a meticulous preparation for an unprecedented visual feast, this Order will be a success, customer orders more on the ladder, and by the unanimous favor of dealers and friends. In the future, COOPOOL is willing to continuously develop its products, quality and terminal services to develop better operation and management and integration of resources in the industry chain. It will continue to make innovations and breakthroughs. While subliming its own brand of internal communications, COOPOOL will, as always, Line customer performance improvement support.

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On the morning of the 7th, Mr. Qiu Qingbo, executive vice president of COOPOOL Brand (China) Management Center, made a report on 2014 marketing strategy and planning. The report summarizes the 2013 COOPOOL fashion women 's development process, including the significant participation of the 21st CHIC Beijing International Clothing & Accessories Fair, held in Beijing in 2013 autumn new conference, in Hangzhou, women's clothing industry and department stores won a certain brand Influence; in the year held a number of training sessions, the company merchandise training camp into Guiyang, Chengdu, East China, to enhance customer awareness of the goods; to help Guizhou Province held the 2013 autumn and winter new conference and investment conference in Guizhou further Consolidate and develop the market in Guizhou. In the year, the marketing management platform and the team of COOPOOL marketing centers in all provinces were established. After the generations of Anhui and Guizhou provinces, Sichuan, Jiangsu, Guangxi, Shaanxi and Henan Provinces emerged from the original Light in the stall office situation, moved into a special office office, and set up a terminal management and marketing operations team, and better serve the end customers; Next Chai always COOPOOL brand from the region, the channel, Direct 3 Aspects of sales accounted for the analysis, Coper brand is fast and healthy development. In 2014, Chai always pointed out the direction of the company's efforts and the key marketing plan. In the following year, the company will start with channels, team building, product promotion, store renovation and terminal service enhancement to further concentrate and deepen channels and optimize Suitable for the channels of the Cooper, the implementation of the management system of the region, for the actual situation in different regions of the country personalized management and services, strengthen the terminal services, to create 100 annual sales of more than 1000000 shops, and strengthen the fight against Internet sales, to maintain normal The market order to protect the best interests of dealers.


The next step, the new season to take dynamic catwalks and static display of the way a full range of display. On the evening of the 6th, the family members had an initial impression of the entire summer inventory. The next static display further deepened the understanding of the entire inventory. In the summer of 2014, "Aroma Elves," "Elegant Polka," " "Fresh Bali", "the temptation of Sicily", "Caribbean Sea" as the theme, through the 60's style, simple and agile printing, waves, squares, freehand graffiti pattern interpretation of romantic French customs, ethnic customs, embroidery , Geometric shapes, coconut trees create a series of elegant and romantic tropical island resort series, Bohemian modern stylish stripes, floral patterns, abstract butterflies, birds patterns, to create a leisurely retro ocean wind ... With the models Catwalk, the designer to explain the goods, reference order for the convenience of end customers, the design department will do the same clothing and color into the ordering system. Dealers have each of the goods were initially scored, record the entire impression of the goods.

This four-day order will be a complete success. The orders for each season of the Coper brand have a qualitative leap. The orders for summer clothing exceed 180,000. The Coper brand is rapidly and steadily developing. The successful launch of the new product launching and ordering meeting also marks that there will be even more achievements in 2014 Good development prospects.

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