How to wash, dry, save to make the underwear more durable?

How to make lingerie life longer? How to do a good job in underwear routine maintenance work? Underwear is the most personal clothing for women, in order to wear comfortable and more durable, how to wash, drying and storage is really a small learning it!


Figure: Beauty Island underwear

1, cleaning method

To use appropriate amount of liquid laundry detergent, excessive lotion will bring the burden on the material, thus damaging the bra. Lotion should be completely dissolved in warm water 30 ~ 40 ℃. Completely dissolved before they can be placed in the bra, lotion can not be directly attached to the bra, which will lead to uneven bra color.

Pay attention to clean underwear, the best way to wash is to use cold water or slightly lower than the body temperature of warm water and neutral detergent, "light" way to hand wash, do not use hot water; Do not use bleach. When using the washing machine, it needs to be washed by the laundry bag. Avoid washing with coat or dark clothing, causing unclean or dyeing. Before washing, we must first read the washing standard!


Figure: Beauty Island underwear

2, drying method

After washing the washing machine drying time is best controlled within 30 seconds to prevent excessive drying so that the fashion bra "steel ring" deformation, so as not to hurt the skin and damage the fabric fibers; do not twist the underwear to squeeze water, the correct approach is Gently go to the water, wrapped with a dry towel, squeezed by hand, the water absorption.

After that, the wrinkled underwear should be carefully straightened to its original shape, especially to shape the cup. Take the cup and the middle of the cup to hang up, or clamp the low Wai and other inelastic places fully dry. Avoid hanging with a shoulder strap, this will stretch the shoulder strap, reducing shoulder strap life.

3, save the method

Underwear to be stored separately from other clothing, and do not forget to put desiccant or some desiccant. Avoid lingerie and camphor products stored together, so as to avoid the loss of elasticity of clothing and rubber. (It is recommended to use natural pest control products, such as: lavender. Or drop a few drops of perfume in a small piece of cloth, or the favorite perfume bottle into the cabinet, one can deworming, and secondly to make clothes full of faint perfume .)

In addition, Xiaobian also suggest that you usually buy more than a few comfortable and durable Yalanka Lanlanka underwear, with different tunics alternately wearing, so that each of the life expectancy of underwear will be extended some Oh.

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