Shanghai Pudong Development Bank launches panda gold and silver coins

Throughout the ages, the mother-in-law loves the child, not for the newspaper. The touching and filial piety of the confession of Zhu Bozhen, written by the Ming Dynasty, confessed to the world that "the birth weight of October is heavy, and the three students repay lightly." The boxing filial son is deeply and kindly.

On the occasion of the arrival of Mother's Day 2014, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank launched the “Lifetime One-Love” Panda Gold and Silver Coin Decoration. I hope that in this way, I will promote my mother's love and express my mother's most sincere blessings to my children. Let the children use the "Lifetime - Love at the Beginning" decoration as a holiday commemoration for the mother and return the mother's parenting grace.

The theme of "Lifetime - the beginning of love" is silver. It uses a simple, abstract brushstroke to outline the shape of a panda pregnant mother. The head and the abdomen form a love heart. The abdomen position is embedded with a panda universal gold coin, meaning life. continue. On the back of the gold coin, there are two large and one small pandas. The panda mother and the panda baby are deeply gazing at each other, and they are closely related to each other, depicting the strong love of the panda mother and child. Gold coins and ornaments are interesting, expressing people’s praise and praise for maternal love. "Lifetime - the beginning of love" ornaments, silver chapter weight 158 ​​grams, 99.9% color, gold coins 7.78 grams, 99.9% color, price 4280, the national limited edition of 3000 sets.

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