Nora Baby Summer New Leather Baby Shoes Inheriting European and American Crafts

When the baby is born, the little feet are healthy, but the age is increasing. When you are an adult, the problem of inappropriate shoes is either too big, or the shoes are not right. There are fewer and fewer people with healthy feet. 40%. The serious consequence of the wrong shoe shape is that the big toe bends to one side, which is a precursor to the valgus of the foot. Then, picking a pair of good shoes for your baby is undoubtedly a good soil for the seedlings.

"Nora baby" leather baby shoes, inheriting the tradition of hand-made shoes in Europe and America, the upper is made of imported leather, the shoes are made of high-quality pigskin, the breathability is super strong, and the small feet are kept breathing for a long time; the sole is imported with leather and non-slip rubber sheet, and the sole is in the middle. Lined with a special layer of elastic material, each layer is made of carefully selected environmentally friendly materials.

The whole pair of shoes are soft, comfortable, breathable, safe, individual and environmentally friendly, and care for the delicate skin of the little ankle from every angle. The human soft bottom design that fits the baby's feet; brings together the most popular elements in Europe and America, dissolves childlike fun and fashion; provides each Chinese baby with exquisite, natural, fashionable and comfortable baby shoes that are synchronized with the European and American markets.

Guangzhou Nala Baby Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2010 in the beautiful Pearl River Delta city - Guangzhou, is the general agent of "Nara Baby (China) Co., Ltd." in mainland China. After years of development, the company's “Nora Baby” and “Angel Baby” brands have been well received by the market.

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