Hey, the celebrity’s view of jewelry, know how important jewelry is to women!

Shakespeare said

Jewelry is silent, but it can touch a woman's heart more than any language.

A woman’s love for shining jewels is like a man’s fascination with wine.

The mellowness of fine wines is fascinating, and the brilliance of jewels is maddening.

No jewelry, no women

In India, women are performing a low-key and luxurious jewelry show all the time.

Indians believe that "jewelry is half of women's life" and is a symbol of female identity.

Jewelry and woman

Born to have an inseparable relationship

Behind every legendary woman

There is no lack of beauty and arrogance

They also have a piece of jewels that have been handed down to the world.

Graceful and gentle - China's first lady: Peng Liyuan

Pearl crystal dignity

Round, colorful, elegant and pure

Contrasting the sensibility, confidence and extraordinary temperament of Peng Mu Ma

Quite a "iron lady" charm

This image is also the international image of Chinese women.

Marilyn Monroe: Only a jewel with a lifetime

In 2003, Marilyn Monroe’s used jewelry was accidentally stolen during the exhibition at the Conti Hall Museum in London.

Two pieces of burglar stolen, one is a gold ring embellished with Monroe's English letter "M" diamond, and the other is a gold bracelet with diamonds.

The total value is estimated to be £40,000, which Monroe loved very much during his lifetime, often wearing them for various occasions.

Women like jewelry, Marilyn Monroe.

She regards jewelry as a confidant, and the men around her from the President of the United States to the Arab princes, these men have not given the dream of marriage.

Only the jewelry she loved, accompanied her through the last moments of life.

Audrey Hepburn: Jewelry for women is a pure life

In 1961, she starred in a movie called "Tiffany's Breakfast", which made people know.

A "small black dress", an Audrey Hepburn, and a diamond necklace.

In the era when Tiffany was leading, jewelry to women was a refined, pure ideal of life.

A woman will not only have one piece of jewelry in her life, but there is always one that will make people remember.

Maggie Cheung: Jewelry makes me younger

Smile when sad

Tears when you are happy

Desperate when investing

Maggie Cheung is enough to represent the intellectual beauty of oriental women.

She thinks

Women should not be dragged down by jewelry

Let jewelry add more youth and happiness to yourself

Is the most important

Monica Bellucci: fascination is greater than everything

Monica said:

Beautiful woman

Wearing the right jewels is a good match

Wearing inappropriate jewelry is the icing on the cake

Anyway, as long as it is jewelry

No letting women shine

Duchess of Windsor: Jewelry tells love

No one thought that when Prince Edward VIII and Mrs. Simpson met for the third time, the Prince of Wales began to unconsciously appreciate her.

At the dinner that day, he first retired and unexpectedly waited outside the door, sending Mrs. Simpson home with a special carriage.

The distance between the two began to draw closer from this day. Gradually, she became a confidante who had nothing to say and taught him to feel warm and stable.

"Know that my happiness will always be on you."

This is the most emotional monologue of the Duke to his beloved woman.

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