Hanger Women's Zhejiang Shaoxing Yintai Store Double 12 Grand Opening

Light luxury brands [hanger women's] officially settled in Shaoxing Yintai City Department Store in December. The opening of the new store will be more courtesy (please visit each store for details).

Shaoxing Yintai City Department Store: Shaoxing Intime Department Store Area Second Floor, Hall D2A-S03

The new store upholds the brand's consistent and concise style. Use clean white, plate-and marble-based materials and lighting effects to create elegant and comfortable visual effects. The neat and fluent image, as the essence of the brand's interpretation, emphasizes lines and tailoring, and gives fashion a sense of the times.

[Clothes] always insists on creating a sincere, fashionable and high-quality clothing brand for new women. We use high-quality natural fabrics, exquisite garments, and unique style designs to make each piece of clothing a piece of work, rather than a streamlined replica. [Routine] With the mission of inheriting Chinese aesthetics, it will be an "international brand" with "Chinese temperament".

【Chair】The woman is prosperous, but it is not in the form; it is not deep and thick and difficult to grasp, but it can withstand scrutiny and taste, full of wisdom and calmness in life.

[Clothes] has always insisted on the exploration of original design, traditional techniques, etc. It has shaped more than just a piece of clothing, but has brought consumers unique aesthetics of life.

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