Four methods of hollow pairing

The problem of paired patch in hollow tempered glass factory is a headache problem in each factory. After years of in-depth enterprise research, Guiyou Software Company summarized the experience as follows:

First, optimize the cutting software pairing in Guiyou:

In Guiyou cutting software, there are double glass and triple glass matching function selection, which can realize the matching glass in a cutting layout, suitable for double white, triple glass or laminated glass. Instead of repeating the traditional method twice with the same size of glass.



Second, for white glass and color glass or coated hollow glass pairing:

It is better to use the wireless barcode scanning pairing software to find the matching glass accurately in one second. These two methods are suitable for small batches, messy loose single pairing, and patch pairing.



Third, for large batches of white glass and coated hollow neat list:

For large batches of white glass and coated hollow neatly arranged sheets, the “Guiyou Triad Method” sub-tank can be used to separate the original glass sheets with different sizes of white glass and coating, in the case of ensuring high cutting rate. To achieve a precise hollow pairing of one pair.


Fourth, first divide the box, then cut the pairing:

Is to buy the ordering software, after sub-boxing, according to the number of shelves in the cutting site, select 5 boxes of glass, the upper cutting machine, this is to reduce the rate of ruling, but the batch is small, the degree of chaos is reduced, such as we The cutting and placing arrangement of the Xinyi factory.

The above methods, welcome to discuss and exchange with industry experts (micro signal: boli065 or WeChat direct search "youyou"; contact phone number)

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