Adidas NEO Label Spokesperson for Spring Summer 2015 Advertising

Adidas NEO Label, the adidas brand of the sports brand adidas NEO Label, once again invited popular idols Angelababy and Peng Yulu as models and traveled to New York to take a look at the Spring/Summer 2015 collection with Lookbook. The new series is still based on the urban style of youthful movement, and revolves around the theme of “Live Your Style”. It uses alphabetic patterns, floral prints, striped elements, and bright colors to express youth to break the routine and live. It's my attitude to life. In addition, in order to welcome Valentine's Day, the brand also launched a unique series called "City Love", which created a variety of clothing and shoes for women friends, adding brilliance to this year's Valentine's Day.

On the occasion of the new arrival, of course, we must show off new matches and new shapes, and start a new exploration journey with the most NEO attitude. Adidas NEO Label's new spring-inspired design is inspired by the casual streetwear of New York City. It brings unique baseball baseball jackets and sweaters to the fans. With basketball's high-top shoes made of new stitching fabrics and contrasting elements, it is now building a city. Modern style!

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