What are the precautions when laser engraving glass?

[China Glass Net] Laser can be engraved on the surface of glass, but the depth of engraving can not be cut. Under normal circumstances, the laser can form a frosting or breaking effect on the surface of the glass.

Generally, laser engraving glass technology is used on laser engraving art glass. By sticking a layer of adhesive on the glass, the laser engraving machine directly prints the engraving machine on the self-adhesive, so that it can be directly coated on the laser. . Compared to traditional art glass making, laser engraving machine technology can save time and production costs on glass. This is a laser engraving machine made by our company for professional R&D design and for the art glass industry.

Usually the user wants to get the effect of frosting instead of breaking. The key depends on the texture of the glass and whether the hardness is consistent. Glass engraving is usually difficult to control. Follow the steps below to make a smoother matte finish: apply a little wash on the area to be engraved, load a newspaper or napkin that is slightly larger than the area to be engraved, and use water to remove it. The paper is completely soaked, and the excess water is squeezed out, and the wet paper is placed in the engraved area to be flat and not wrinkled. Place the glass in a laser engraving machine, engrave while the paper is still wet, then remove the glass, remove the remaining paper, and clean the glass surface.

If necessary, lightly polish the glass surface with a 3M Scotch Brite. Under normal circumstances, the laser power setting should be some water, the accuracy is set at 300dpi, the engraving speed is faster, you can try to use large size lenses for engraving. When laser-engraved lead-containing crystals should be doubled, the lead-containing crystals have different coefficients of expansion than ordinary crystals, which may cause crystal cracks or breakage during engraving. A smaller power setting can avoid this problem, but you should always be on the lookout for a break. After the engraving, the surface can be cleaned with a damp cloth and colored with acrylic paint.

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