Identification of local staining of jade

Now with the continuous innovation of the jade falsification method, the jade dyeing technology has also transitioned from the overall dyeing to the local dyeing, which makes the jade identification more difficult.

The previous jade dyeing is generally dyed as a whole, and a whole piece of jade has the characteristics of dyeing, which is easy to identify. In the past two years, the local dyed jade has emerged on the market. The color is no longer emerald green, but is dyed in grayish green or blue-green, and the color is dotted and striped. Its appearance is very similar to the color root. If you don't pay attention, you will be mistaken for the original blue flower emerald.

With the continuous development and changes of the jade market, the technology of artificial and chemical processing of jade is also improving. Only know and be familiar with the dynamics of the jade market, master the latest information and carefully identify the jade, so that you can not be misled by the fake emerald.

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