Hot summer hipster - Saslax showcases your lovers fashion models

Hot summer, attending a friend's party or wedding, will invite your partner to attend, in such occasions, the couple's dress is the most appropriate. But for lovers, may not necessarily just two styles, the size of the clothes. High section of the couple, know how to wear with the tacit understanding, without losing their own style, not the appearance of the pursuit of the shape, but with the harmony of the gas field, to declare that "we are made of a pair of children." So how to wear a tacit understanding in the summer lovers wear, without losing their own style? Here's a look with Xiaobian it! Concise calm dress is the first couple to attend dinner this season, the tone is uniform is better. For women, attending important parties or weddings, black simple dress, but also to show the sweet and classic women, with a pair of black pointed high heels can be. For men, the short-sleeved shirt with a color similar to the female + light-colored pantyhose, so gentle sense of the match, subtle performance of his style details. For general non-grand occasion of the party, dress and accessories with a low key ingenuity. Ms. simple white sleeveless shirt with stitching printed on the Eugen yarn half-length dress, black pointed high heels, elegant and charming, and men's long-sleeved shirt + black suit pants coordination, so that the two powerful gas field Coincide Picture credit: Shasilai brand men's clothing

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