Coating dyeing

First, the characteristics of paint dyeing
The paint dyeing process started late, but it has only been twenty years. However, the coating dyeing process is simple, and the coating has a complete chromatogram, a wide range of applications, and can be used to dye different fibers. It also belongs to an energy-saving process, and the dyed product can also obtain different degrees of water-washing and fading effects, which has a certain market demand. The biggest disadvantage of paint dyeing is that the fabric has a low rubbing fastness when dyed dark. Coating dyeing is gradually applied and developed.
Different from other dyes, the dyeing mechanism is different from the pigment dyeing process, which can be processed into a certain degree of fineness, and can be adhered to the fabric fibers to complete the "dyeing" process. More precisely, the coating is based on the action of adhesives to make the fabric have a certain color fastness.

Second, paint dyeing process
Compared with the conventional dyeing process, the paint dyeing process is simple and the energy-saving effect is significant, and it can be completed on a dyeing machine or a hot air tenter (if necessary, a baking machine is also needed). The process flow is as follows:
Immersion milk dyeing → pre-baking → drying → (baking)

According to the customer's requirements for fastness or wash-fading effect, the amount of binder in the dye liquor formulation can be adjusted and whether baking process is needed or not. There are usually no baking requirements for water-washing and fading. At present, the problem that often occurs when the paint is dyed is that the roll of the equipment is easily contaminated during the production process and the fabric defect occurs. Therefore, this process has a large workload for cleaning the equipment.

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