Ancient jade auction is getting better


A few days ago, the jade articles of the Neolithic period were held at the Ancient Chinese God Jade Exhibition. This is the first time that the Chinese Art Museum has exhibited the "Ancient Jade Objects" exhibition. The exhibition includes jade articles such as enamel, enamel, jade bracelet, conical jade, jade belt and ring. In addition, there are other jade articles that are representative of various dynasties. The exhibition is reminiscent of jade collections and auctions in the art market.

In the field of art investment, jade has always had a warm atmosphere. In the international auction, Christie's shot of the highest number of ancient jade. Beijing Bohai, Beijing Poly and other mainland auction companies have also continued to launch jade articles. In 2011, Beijing Poly autumn auction antiques night scene, a Qing Daoguang "Xie De Tang Bao" Jiaolong Niu Baozhen sold for 90.85 million yuan; a Qianlong "Tai Shang Emperor" round to start with 68 million yuan, and 161 million The sky-high price transaction has set a new world record for the royal jade and white jade auctions. Although the price of jade has entered the era of 100 million yuan, its identification difficulty has also increased. In today's hot market, how should collectors distinguish the true and false of jade? Where will the jade collection go?

The new jade is played, the ancient jade is the soul

Chinese love jade has existed since ancient times. In Confucian culture, it is also the connection between jade and gentleman--the concept of "gentleman is better than jade" and "gentleman is jealous". Zhang Hui, a curator of the ancient jade collection in Shanghai and founder of the ancient jade society, said: "Jade as a spiritual power and national symbol has been deeply rooted in the bone marrow of the Chinese. Jade, especially ancient jade, has become an investment of the wealthy class. The choice of the collection, the price is also easy to speculate, and even the sky-high price." The Chinese jade civilization since 8000 years ago, the culture of prosperity, has been uninterrupted, it is a typical representative of the entire Chinese civilization. Zhang Hui believes: "Jadeware is an artifact, a royal device, and a ritual device from ancient times. It is a symbol of the status and power of the ruler. It is not something ordinary people can have. Since the Western Zhou Dynasty, the ancient jade has been competing with the literati. Collected collections, collected by collectors of the past, the true ancient jade that has been scattered in the market has become a very scarce and non-renewable resource. Compared with the Ming and Qing jade and modern jade, whether from the perspective of cultural appreciation or investment, the collection Gao Guyu has more investment potential."

Most people who have played ancient jade think that the ancient jade "does not understand", the collection is difficult, and it is better to buy a new jade in the collection world. "At present, the collection of hotspots sweeps across the country, and there are an estimated 80 million folk collectors. However, there are very few people who know how to identify the collection. Therefore, Guyu investment and collections are very blind. Investors often invest in identification. The Ming and Qing jade and the modern jade are of lesser difficulty and better jade. In fact, the cultural and historical value of the jade at this stage is simply incomparable with the high ancient jade. The new jade is the material, the ancient jade Hidden is the soul!" Zhang Hui said.

Regarding the significance of the jade carvings of the Neolithic period in the ancient Chinese god jade exhibition, Zhang Hui believes: "The exhibition provides the public with more opportunities to appreciate the authenticity of the collection, which is of great significance to the ancient jade collection and investors. At present, investors are in contact. And the way to understand the knowledge of ancient jade is very limited. Many collections of official archaeological excavations are difficult for ordinary people to find out. Because there is no comparison of official and folk collections, folk collections have great blindness. The scale of Jade Exhibition is not large, and it is indeed another beneficial promotion for the investment and collection of folk jade. I believe that with the public exhibition of more ancient jade articles, it will actively promote the collection of folk jade and attract More social attention creates conditions for the improvement of the external environment of the ancient jade collection."

Value cannot be measured by money

"Gold is valuable for priceless jade", this sentence has shaken the nerves of countless collectors. The value of ancient jade has been high since ancient times. Zhang Hui believes: "The ancient jade is a non-renewable human cultural heritage. It is difficult to use a fixed market price to check in. But now it is a market economy and society. Any art that enters the circulation field will have a transaction price. Exceptions. Many collectors use the price of the ancient jade auction catalogue as the market price of the ancient jade. This is one-sided, because the auction price is the result of the bidding and cannot be used as the sole criterion for judging the market price of the ancient jade."

How should collectors and investors judge the value of jade collection? In Zhang Hui's view, the price of ancient jade is mainly influenced by factors such as engraving, jade, and age. "If the price of ancient jade is arranged from low to high, it is in terms of engraving: plain, negative, bas-relief, openwork, high relief, round sculpture; in terms of jade: local materials, jasper, sapphire As far as the times are concerned, the ancient jade articles follow: the Neolithic period, the merchants, the Western Zhou Dynasty, the Spring and Autumn Warring States, and the Han Dynasty; the ancient jade and the Ming and Qing dynasties followed: the Republic of China, the Ming Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty, In the middle of the Song, Yuan and Qing dynasties, of course, the jade and crafts should be combined with the characteristics of the times to prevent the jokes of 'Hetian jade pig dragon'."

Some people say that general items have a certain useful life, and when the time limit is reached, there is no value. Jade can be preserved forever, and will appreciate and preserve value. Zhang Hui said: "The value of ancient jade, first of all in its cultural connotation, in the stage of the Shenyu in the late Neolithic period, the jade is the instrument of the communication between the world and the majestic, and has the supreme status; the jade is the symbol of state power in the stage of Shang Zhou Li Yu. Political power is separated from religion and military power. At the beginning of the kingship, jade becomes a symbol of political power and social status. As a national system of rules, it is inviolable. A large number of rituals unearthed from the tombs of the Western Zhou Dynasty. This is the point that the country’s great events are lingering. In the 8000-year jade culture of China, the ancient jade has the richest cultural connotation. Its historical, cultural, religious, and social values ​​cannot be used. To estimate."

Lack of channels for folk identification

At present, the location of domestic fake jade is concentrated in Xuzhou, Jiangsu and Anhui. Zhang Hui said: "In the local jade shop, Hongshan culture jade, Liangzhu culture jade, Qijia culture jade, war Han jade, Ming and Qing jade have been operated on a large scale, and the variety is very comprehensive. The current problem is not It is so simple to supervise antique cultural relics, but it provides a legal channel for the identification and circulation of folk real cultural relics. If you have channels to identify and buy real folk cultural relics that allow market transactions, the market for imitation goods will basically not There is."

What should be said about the antique jade that frequently appears and circulates in the market? What is antique jade in the end? In this regard, Zhang Hui believes: "There are two types of ancient jade counterfeiters. One is to manufacture antique handicrafts. It is also sold at the price of handicrafts. After entering the market, it is used by some people with ulterior motives. Buying so-called appraisal experts, taking counterfeit goods as authentic products for profit; the other is specializing in manufacturing high-imitation cultural relics, pretending to be genuine products, this category is fraud, the judicial department should participate in the investigation, destroy the source and trading channels, and purify the market, protect Investors." Zhang Hui went on to say, "At present, the nationally recognized cultural relics appraisal institutions are all internal to the civil engineering system, and do not undertake external appraisal business. Those so-called expert appraisals refer to the retired experts in the name of individuals or auction experts. Participate in the fee identification activities, such as 100~200 yuan per piece, the certificate is 1000~2000 yuan, there is a problem here, he represents a personal point of view, not an official opinion. Therefore, it should not be used as a judgment of the authenticity of the cultural relics. Standard. Nowadays, the collection market is developing too fast. Most investors lack the basic knowledge of cultural relics identification. Experts and auction houses use it as a tool for making money or fraud. The private identification of these experts should be restricted by industry regulations, and the country should open an appraisal agency for folk cultural relics as soon as possible to provide identification services for the public."

The market conditions of Gao Guyu have long been plagued by factors such as the number of deposits, authenticity and identification, and the market size is limited. In addition, are there other factors? Zhang Hui believes: "The transaction of Gao Guyu involves the management of unearthed cultural relics. There are strict restrictions according to the state regulations. If you want to open a transaction or auction, you must obtain the consent of the local cultural relics administrative department. The cultural management department on the ancient jade The trading channels have been very tight. Although in recent years, folks have been gradually allowed to collect ancient jade, there are still strict restrictions on the circulation of ancient jade. For example, the upper limit of this year to the Song Dynasty, then the ancient jade before the Song Dynasty could not Through the auction market circulation, the premise of market prosperity is that there is a market. The current legal regulations do not support the operation of the folk ancient jade market. This involves the issue of remediation. If the relevant provisions are not adjusted in time, the current prosperous and expensive antique markets, Antique shops and folk collectors are not protected by law. How come prosperity and prosperity?"

Investment must be patient

At present, in the domestic auctions, jade collections are basically Ming and Qing jade articles. The reason is that Zhang Hui believes: "First of all, modern people's aesthetics of jade articles are still in the field of sensory cognition, and the carvings are exquisite and crystal clear. The Ming and Qing dynasty jade articles are naturally sought after. Secondly, there is no scientific and technical means and theoretical basis for the identification of ancient jade authenticity. It only stays at the level of ophthalmology. It takes many years of practical cultivation to collect ancient jade. Can not solve the identification problem, the market natural recognition is low, the price can not go up. In the future, as more folk ancient jade products are available, it will attract more powerful investors to enter this field, and market transactions will come. The more standardized, the market will tend to prosper, which may take a long time, and the jade investors must have patience in order to gain something."

Throughout the jade auctions over the years, the number of overseas Neolithic, Shangzhou, and Wartime periods was higher, while the mainland was more jade articles in the Han Dynasty. Zhang Hui said: "There are several well-known auction houses in China, which can basically only be commissioned on the fine jade articles of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The war jade and the high ancient jade are rarely accepted. Now it appears in the auction of high-priced transactions, basically It is a relic of overseas relics, or an inherited tradition. However, compared to the huge number of private collections, there are very few successful auctions. Foreign auction houses do not have this restriction, and foreign collectors have Chinese jade culture. The level of understanding and appreciation is much deeper than that of ordinary domestic investors."

Zhang Hui also reminded the ancient jade collection and investors that they must learn to distinguish and choose the auction house. “Small and medium-sized auction houses are a lot of bulls. Most of them don’t charge commissions for auctions. Instead, they charge the front-end catalogue fees and appraisal fees. When you auction more than 1,000 lots, you can collect millions of photos. There is no stable customer group in the small auctions. The auction site is basically sellers and childcare, and it is extremely rare to deal with it. If this format exists for a long time, it will be for regular auction houses or private collections. cancer."

Affected by the collection environment and cultural concepts, in Zhang Hui's view, the rise of domestic collections is a matter of nearly 20 years. Compared with the collections of hundreds of years of foreign countries, there is still a big gap in domestic collections. "The collections favored by foreign collectors are high ancient jade with rich historical and cultural connotations. From the Neolithic period to the fine works of the War Dynasty, it is the collection that international investors dream of, especially the price of war jade. With the standardization and legal operation of the domestic collection market, I believe that more and more investors will adjust their collection and investment concepts, shift their focus to the collection of high ancient jade, and drive the enthusiasm of the auction house to promote ancient jade and high ancient jade. The auction market is moving in a more rational direction."

Zhang Hui's suggestion on investment in ancient jade collection

First of all, as an ordinary collector, you should determine the main collection direction before you buy something, and delve into the relevant collection and identification knowledge. This is not a matter of reading a few books. To look at the real thing, you can keep your eyes on it. There are also many channels, such as more museum collections and high-definition albums, to understand the characteristics of each era of collections from different aspects, and to compare the differences between folk collections. There is also the need to communicate with Tibetan friends. It is very important to collect this line of entry. It is more important to find a teacher. Sometimes it is more important to look at people than to see things, to absorb various experiences, to repeatedly testify, to dare to subvert their own wrong opinions, and to continue Grow in.

Second, you can't be superstitious experts. Experts generally only study in a very narrow direction, it is impossible to be the Wanbao book. If he looks at jade and looks at miscellaneous items in porcelain, there is a problem. In recent years, the Ten Commandments of the Forbidden City, the Jinyu Yuyi incident, and the superposition of the collection heat, it is easy to attract the public's vision, especially those negative information, which is easier to be amplified and spread through the network. This jade stool is also a typical network event that the public questioned.

Finally, it is also necessary to distinguish the collection from the investment. The real collectors are not for the purpose of making money, but really like the collection and the rich cultural and historical connotations behind them, and are willing to study in this field. In this way, the probability of becoming a folk expert is great. Investors only use the collection as an investment target. They do not conduct in-depth research on the collection and related historical knowledge. Therefore, they can only refer to the opinions of experts or friends on the authenticity of the collection, so that the probability of being deceived is Very high. Some people have done statistics, only an ancient jade, the probability of authenticity on the market is less than 2%. A large number of counterfeit products copied from various eras are flooding the market, which is unfavorable for the benign development of the collection and investment industries. It also indirectly causes the current high ancient jade to sell but the war jade, the war jade is sold in the Ming and Qing jade, and the Ming and Qing jade is not as modern. The peculiarity of jade.

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